Sunday, December 15, 2013

TIDINGS ~ On T Tuesday

Tidings of great joy~
 Sharing Madonnas and angels
on Art Journal Pages.  Above, pen and watercolor
scrapbook and assorted papers,
fabric and painted fabric collage.
© 2013 - Dianne Bishop Carey
This Mary was inspired by a Russian icon.

Angels brought the good tidings of the
birth of the Christ child...
Above, watercolor and collage,
below, Sharpie ink pen drawing
of an angel sculpture.

The depiction of Mary and angels has been
a tradition through the centuries, bringing
the Tidings to the people. In earliest times,
most common people could not read, but they
could interpret the beauty of an artist's rendering.

The red Panda Mug, below
painted in my art journal with
watercolors.  It was a gift from
an Aunt and Uncle, who for several years
always gave us Christmas gifts that were
There is only one mug left, but I love the
little panda.  The cheerful red seems to
make my morning mocha coffee taste better...
Posting a couple of days early
for T Tuesday over at Altered Book Lover.


  1. What wonderful art you shared today. I was so impressed that there are so many cultures with Madonnas. As usual, you have found many ways to create her. I wonder what she really looked like, since each artist seems to draw her from a model.

    That panda red mug is awesome. And it is so lifelike. You have missed your calling, dear. Your art belongs in museums. Even the red mug panda. After all, if Andy Warhol made a living creating soup cans and Kellogg's cereal boxes, you could make one drawing red panda mugs and Madonnas.

    Thanks for joining T this week. At least I know someone besides me will be celebrating.

  2. Your panda mug is indeed cheery! Your Madonnas and angels are awesome, and I agree with E--definitely museum worthy!

  3. Your Madonna artwork is so beautiful Dianne and really speaks to me extra much.
    We visited The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore this past weekend ... they have some fabulous artworks including paintings and statues and I am always drawn to the religious iconography there...
    Cute panda mug :)
    Happy T Day to you

  4. Beautiful!! Love the panda mug...I know my girl would as well. She has a on/off love affair with all things panda.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. You can tell your artwork is created with much love. :) Cute panda mug. Red is my favorite accent color, so I would have loved getting something red every year. Happy T-Day!!

  6. These are just beautiful. I love the second Madonna and the angel.
    I agree with Elizabeth, these should be hanging in a museum.

    Wonderful way to keep your special mug memory.

    Happy T-day

  7. Thanks for sharing all this art with us. I was already in the holiday mood, but I'm feeling even more festive now.

    I like the idea of giving all-red Christmas gifts. Might have to try that next year...

    I'm very late in getting around to visit everyone's blogs this week. I hope you *had* a good T Day, and I hope you're having a good Wednesday today! :)


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