Friday, December 20, 2013

Medieval 'Girls Night Out'

Art journal pages that are not
holiday themed have been happening
'behind the scenes'...

Above,  top portion of the page
 is an illustration from a book about
Medieval just looks to me like
"girls night out."  I don't remember what it
really portrays...but they have interesting

Artist quotes make me happy...

Linking up, very belatedly,
at Balzer Designs.

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  1. Girls Night Out....your right that's the title, if not, it should be. Great pages. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  2. Wonderful pages and brilliant quotes. Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging comment :)

  3. Wonderful compositions nice creativity!

  4. These are wonderful and so clever, too. I love the "Girls Night Out." It speaks to me in so many ways. Of course, I like the Warhol quote, and art, too.

    I left a note in my mailbox for the mail person, who accepted it AND the notification I got and signed on Thursday in lieu of my signature. The package came today and I just picked it up when I slid all over my porch to get the mail tonight. I'm off to open it now. Thanks in advance for whatever is in it. Sorry it was such a worry to both of us.

  5. I agree...girls night out it is. Lovely journal entries as always. I'm a lover of quotes as well. :) There is just something about finishing a page off with some words that makes it feel complete for me.

  6. Very nice artwork...very detailed!

  7. Hiya! I found you from Balzer Designs :) I love your 1st folksy page best. Looks as though it could be an album cover! And your color usage through all the pages are both fresh and inspiring... wonderful work!


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