Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tradition of the Madonna -- on T Tuesday

1.  A form of respectful address
2.  An Italian lady
3.  The Virgin Mary
(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977)

I find various styles of the portrayal of the Madonna to be an 
endlessly fascinating resource for my art journals, from Medieval
and folk art, to high Renaissance paintings.  It is a variation of
 using master art works for visual journal inspiration.
For December 2013, I will be revisiting some of my drawings
of the Madonna, and some angels too...

The word Madonna is from the old Italian
'ma donna', meaning my lady, according to 

Art that has gone before is an endless
source of inspiration and learning...

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth
T Tuesday...

Using my red panda mug --
trying to talk about T Things on Tuesday,
and drinking coffee instead of tea!
Stop by again next week to see more
Traditions of the Madonna..
(NOT the pop singer!)


  1. Fascinating theme and, of course, beautiful journal pages for T Tuesday!

  2. Lovely Madonnas. Your work is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous journal pages dear Dianne...
    I too find a very strong attraction and connection to Madonna's and have a bit of a collection...

    Thank you for your visit to my Magpie's Nest...the mosaic and sculpture was in Downtown Denver, CO...pretty fancy chess/checker game boards in that public space :)

    Happy December T Day to you

  4. Fantastic journal pages!! Can't wait to see more.

  5. WOW. I love the Madonnas. They are all beautiful. And I like your decorations, at least the ones I've seen so far. I feel like such a dufus. I had NO idea Madonna was an Italian word. Not sure why I didn't know that, but it never hit me that it was.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee for T today, dear friend.

  6. beautiful journal pages and a wonderful theme

  7. I've been MIA for T Tuesday a couple weeks now. I enjoyed your lesson on Madonna as well as you drawings.

  8. Beautiful pages...the second one is a special favorite!


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