Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Notes, Intentions and Collage

The Documented Life Project-The Journal 2015:  Intentions for the year... in a Dylusions journal.  Materials include gesso, craft acrylic, collage, marker, and painted papers.  Some wonderful script on papers gifted me by a friend are peeking through.  

I liked the term "intentions" that Elizabeth K. used on her blog, so I blatantly appropriated the idea here.  

The theme for January's DLP is overcoming the fear of the blank page.  The first week's  challenge was to begin by collaging an assortment of papers onto the page to overcome the (perhaps intimidating) white space, and then create on top of the different papers with whatever medium you chose.  I also chose to draw a self-portrait over the painted and collaged page.

In another journal, I've included some pages of notes that just seemed  important to record.  Usually drawings or collage fill my art journals, but quotations, notes and "I wonder...?"  may also be included...

Linking up with Elizabeth for
the weekly T Tuesday party, and
sharing a journal page from last winter~

Thank goodness it's not 15 degrees F
below zero at the moment! But still
a good day for hot chocolate, or
coffee, or tea. Anything warming...

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here's to the discovery of
wonder, beauty, wisdom
and continued growth
in the New Year...

♦ ♦ ♦