Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miscellaneous Index Cards

Paper Mosaic



Islamic Motifs

Doll Collage

Live Your Life

13th Century Church

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Art of Sewing

An upcoming wedding is scheduled for October,
and the rush of preparation has begun.
There will be two flower girls for 
strewing petals from these little bags.
I made two lined bags from burlap and white muslin.
They are adorned with a white muslin rose
and vintage pearl beads. (click on the
image to see enlargement) The pearl beads
came from my grandmother's stash from
 Lee Wards, so they certainly should qualify as
'something old!'  I also added a cross-stitch
label inside with the girls' names, so they 
know which bag is theirs. (which for some reason
is important to 3-6 year old girls)

I found the idea for this bag on Pinterest.
But beware. It is extremely addicting!
So many entrancing it can
really be a swallower of large chunks of time.
Whatever your art is, make sure you make the
time for it. Mine will be sewing, decorating, and
arranging flowers in the weeks to come...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Index Card a Day. June and July 2012

The challenge over at Daisy Yellow is
to create art on an index card every day for the
months of June and July, 2012.
So far, so good.
Collage above~Restore~
painted paper, hand-carved stamps,
and postage stamp. Acrylics,
watercolor, and tempera.

Collage using fabric, origami paper,
scrapbook paper, and hand-painted paper.

Pear with Blue, above.
Fabric and painted paper.

Collage of painted paper, scrapbook paper,
and a quote torn from an old textbook.

Index card collage which includes
a pocket and a tag. ' Pointing hand'
drawn in Sharpie marker and watercolor 
washes, along with scrapbook papers.

I hope you are making time for 
creating art this summer!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Medieval Art. On Index Cards.

Triptych of Medieval themes.
Left: Eve; Center: Virgin Mary; Right: Saint Walburga.
Sharpie pen and watercolor on index cards.
Mounted on cotton print fabric.


Bird in tree.


Medieval rendition of plants and trees.

Alphabet. Motifs from illuminated manuscript.

  This art work is
inspired by Medieval master works,
and adapted to line drawing format. Sources were
sculpture, low relief, illuminated manuscript, and 
tapestry. Though the portrayal of people during this
time was quite stiff and lacking naturalism,
I find the motifs and designs in the art work
quite fascinating, and useful for new work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ICAD and Doodles

Index Card a Day (ICAD) Challenge: Mid-week update~
Collage made from assorted painted papers,
scraps from wallpaper and scrapbook paper,
drawings, and Dover clip art.

I doodle a lot on my journal pages...
I have tried to resist the "Zentangle Craze"
for a long time, and just couldn't any longer.

You may see some patterns that
resemble quilts. (I did!) Anything is
fodder for these little doodles, from
plants and fabric designs, to 
ancient decorative borders found in
Egyptian tombs...
(click on any image to enlarge)

I really didn't need another obsession...
it certainly can be addicting.
These were pasted into my 
visual art journal, and will be a 
reference for designs to add to
my journal pages.

Stop by on Friday when I'll
be posting the rest of my 
Index Card a Day drawings...
it will be a Medieval experience!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Index Card a Day: Week 1

The Index Card a Day challenge is
helping to make 'art every day'
a habit. "Sparkling Collage" above,
includes watercolor, scrapbook paper,
cardstock painted with acrylic,
and hand-drawn images.

This collage includes some images that
I've been saving for quite a while.
The calligraphy is from a piece that 
didn't work out, but I saved this bit 'cause
it was 'still good.' Tree from a magazine,
woman from a clip art sheet. (sorry I
don't know the source)

Fish card, above, is a combination of the
prompts 'fish' and 'dictionary.' Sharpie pen
and watercolor.

This index card will become a postcard
for a Mail Art call. It may be hard
to give it up...I really like how it turned out.
Sharpie permanent markers.

Doodles in Sharpie pen, above.

I've been thinking about making some
'Artistamps' for some time. These were
sketched in pencil and inked in with
Sharpie pen.  Since I am quite a 
'pack rat,' and collect stuff, it seemed
appropriate. (though I'm definitely not
a fan of rats, or even mice for that matter!)

Hop over to Daisy Yellow to find the
links to the other players' cards, or 
even join in! You don't have to catch up,
just start.  One index card every day in
June and July.  It's great fun!

Friday, June 1, 2012


June begins the ICAD 2
(Index Card a Day Challenge)
over at DaisyYellow.
Above is a journal page spread featuring
two index cards that I did last year.

As my grandson is a big fan of Star Wars,
he asked if I could make him some pillows
with Star Wars characters on them.
Searching the net for images, I couldn't
resist sketching first
index card of the challenge is born.

One of the optional prompts
for the week is "yellow."
Interesting how combining
lots of shades of yellow
points up their differences.
Gouache, watercolor, Sharpie pen,
wallpaper, Uno card, fabric,
'golden' paper bag with bee logo,
and scrapbook paper.

I will be posting my index cards
for the week on Fridays, and if you
are interested in participating in
the challenge, visit Tammy over at