Friday, June 1, 2012


June begins the ICAD 2
(Index Card a Day Challenge)
over at DaisyYellow.
Above is a journal page spread featuring
two index cards that I did last year.

As my grandson is a big fan of Star Wars,
he asked if I could make him some pillows
with Star Wars characters on them.
Searching the net for images, I couldn't
resist sketching first
index card of the challenge is born.

One of the optional prompts
for the week is "yellow."
Interesting how combining
lots of shades of yellow
points up their differences.
Gouache, watercolor, Sharpie pen,
wallpaper, Uno card, fabric,
'golden' paper bag with bee logo,
and scrapbook paper.

I will be posting my index cards
for the week on Fridays, and if you
are interested in participating in
the challenge, visit Tammy over at


  1. I busted out laughing with yoda, that is too awesome!

  2. I'm SO glad you are doing this again this year. Yellow is a difficult color for me. I need to use it with another color, but you have no trouble with it. And I was surprised how every yellow matched, too. Not like blue, red, or green, that's for sure.

  3. I love that yellow card from one of this year's prompts. Very inspirational.

  4. love love love the yellow card. I'm going to have to bounce off that idea. PS. Yoda is fabulous.

  5. Yoda! Awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog! In this challenge, the force, with you, it will be.

  6. First IFJM and now icad. Glad to be on the ride with you. Your cards are marvelous.

  7. Yoda never looked better! Really like your collage of things yellow!

  8. P.S. Also love the idea of presenting cards of the week on Fridays. Was wondering how I was going to post these and blog about other stuff. Thanks for helping me with that!

  9. I love the way you did your yellows! Great cards -- all of them. I'ved always had a soft spot for Yoda. My son looked a lot like him at 3 weeks old. ;) (Fortunately, he's outgrown that)


  10. Oh, I love the idea of using the index cards in a journal spread. and I really love making mono-chromatic collages. It's always surprising the variation you can get and giving myself the color restriction takes me in directions I wouldn't usually go. great stuff.

  11. Nice Yoda! I really like your yellows together. this is going to be fun.

  12. Nice Yoda and the yellow is perfect so many elements untied together. Thanks for the visit. xox

  13. Love seeing all the varieties of yellow.

  14. Yoda and yellow, just seem to go together, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  15. Love your contributions - this is going to be so much fun watching people follow the prompts ... or not. Love all that bright yellow! Thanks for the visit and encouraging words.

  16. Wonderful index cards, that seems like a nice size to work with. Not any easier than something larger to create but, maybe, goes a little faster.

  17. Yoda is fabulous! Just wish I had that kind of talent - I'll stick with slapping paint and ink onto a card! If I drew Yoda... it would be a bad scene! :) Your first cards are really great, can't wait to see the rest!

  18. Beautiful work!
    I like painting with my granddaughter too.
    Your art is fabulous.


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