Friday, June 8, 2012

Index Card a Day: Week 1

The Index Card a Day challenge is
helping to make 'art every day'
a habit. "Sparkling Collage" above,
includes watercolor, scrapbook paper,
cardstock painted with acrylic,
and hand-drawn images.

This collage includes some images that
I've been saving for quite a while.
The calligraphy is from a piece that 
didn't work out, but I saved this bit 'cause
it was 'still good.' Tree from a magazine,
woman from a clip art sheet. (sorry I
don't know the source)

Fish card, above, is a combination of the
prompts 'fish' and 'dictionary.' Sharpie pen
and watercolor.

This index card will become a postcard
for a Mail Art call. It may be hard
to give it up...I really like how it turned out.
Sharpie permanent markers.

Doodles in Sharpie pen, above.

I've been thinking about making some
'Artistamps' for some time. These were
sketched in pencil and inked in with
Sharpie pen.  Since I am quite a 
'pack rat,' and collect stuff, it seemed
appropriate. (though I'm definitely not
a fan of rats, or even mice for that matter!)

Hop over to Daisy Yellow to find the
links to the other players' cards, or 
even join in! You don't have to catch up,
just start.  One index card every day in
June and July.  It's great fun!


  1. Wonderful grouping. Love the calligraphy, your bubble producing fish and you face with flowers. xox

  2. I laughed so hard at the Pack Rat Post. It is delightful. Of course, the Egyptian cat is super. I would NEVER be able to give it up (grin). I really like the labels. I can envision your using them already!

  3. Wow, fabulous drawing, I'm inspired!

  4. Your cards are mini masterpieces! Wow!

  5. I love your fish card, the drawing looks awesome, I think I'm going to try to draw more for my next cards


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