Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Art of Sewing

An upcoming wedding is scheduled for October,
and the rush of preparation has begun.
There will be two flower girls for 
strewing petals from these little bags.
I made two lined bags from burlap and white muslin.
They are adorned with a white muslin rose
and vintage pearl beads. (click on the
image to see enlargement) The pearl beads
came from my grandmother's stash from
 Lee Wards, so they certainly should qualify as
'something old!'  I also added a cross-stitch
label inside with the girls' names, so they 
know which bag is theirs. (which for some reason
is important to 3-6 year old girls)

I found the idea for this bag on Pinterest.
But beware. It is extremely addicting!
So many entrancing images...so it can
really be a swallower of large chunks of time.
Whatever your art is, make sure you make the
time for it. Mine will be sewing, decorating, and
arranging flowers in the weeks to come...


  1. i love the idea of the flower bags, lovely blog and work...

  2. Your bag is divine. I could never make anything that precise. I have trouble putting two sides of a quiltlet together and making them fit (grin). These little gals will feel they are on top of the world with their own named bags!

    I can't get on Pinterest because I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. How discriminating is THAT?

  3. Those will be lovely little petal bags for an October wedding. Have a great day. Tammy

  4. This is really pretty. It's fun to plan for a wedding, and knowing that something you've made will be included... cool!

  5. Darling, darling little flower baskets! I'm trying so hard to resist Pintrest, I can read blogs for hours as is...do I need another time buster? But, I do love it when someone "pins" my blog!


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