Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ICAD and Doodles

Index Card a Day (ICAD) Challenge: Mid-week update~
Collage made from assorted painted papers,
scraps from wallpaper and scrapbook paper,
drawings, and Dover clip art.

I doodle a lot on my journal pages...
I have tried to resist the "Zentangle Craze"
for a long time, and just couldn't any longer.

You may see some patterns that
resemble quilts. (I did!) Anything is
fodder for these little doodles, from
plants and fabric designs, to 
ancient decorative borders found in
Egyptian tombs...
(click on any image to enlarge)

I really didn't need another obsession...
it certainly can be addicting.
These were pasted into my 
visual art journal, and will be a 
reference for designs to add to
my journal pages.

Stop by on Friday when I'll
be posting the rest of my 
Index Card a Day drawings...
it will be a Medieval experience!


  1. I think your journal doodle "sampler" is a brilliant idea. I'm taking a doodling class from Alisa Burke and I think that is an idea she could definetly use.
    Looks like it is fun to make and then you have something to refer to.....very helpful for me, I know.

  2. You may think these look like zentangles, but I assure you, they go far and above any zentangle I have ever seen. You could write a book, or at least illustrate one. That is AFTER you develop your rubber stamps (grin). Yep, I'm on a kick about designing those stamps. any of these (or portions of them) would make excellent stamps.

    Keep the inspiration coming. I adore it!!

  3. your Zen doodles are fantastic!

    Happy June!


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