Friday, June 15, 2012

Medieval Art. On Index Cards.

Triptych of Medieval themes.
Left: Eve; Center: Virgin Mary; Right: Saint Walburga.
Sharpie pen and watercolor on index cards.
Mounted on cotton print fabric.


Bird in tree.


Medieval rendition of plants and trees.

Alphabet. Motifs from illuminated manuscript.

  This art work is
inspired by Medieval master works,
and adapted to line drawing format. Sources were
sculpture, low relief, illuminated manuscript, and 
tapestry. Though the portrayal of people during this
time was quite stiff and lacking naturalism,
I find the motifs and designs in the art work
quite fascinating, and useful for new work.


  1. These index cards are very lovely. I've always appreciated medieval art, and your interpretations are wonderful! I love the minimalism of the black and white line drawings that yet at the same time express movement and detail. Your drawings remind me of the marginalia in old illuminated manuscripts.

  2. These are really breathtaking! I mean, really, really gorgeous! So fun to discover your work via ICAD.

  3. Wow! I love these so much. Absolutely stunning.

  4. I'm so glad you have that anonymous button on your comments, because I;m unable to log onto Blogger to send comments otherwise.

    I like how you experiment with different styles and periods.

    You always make it interesting to see what style you will represent next. It's always a fun and learning example, whether it's Oriental, nature inspired, medieval, or 50s fashion, I get a big kick out of it all!! I'm loving these ICADs and the depth of your drawing abilities.

  5. Golly Dianne, I guess when I post anonymously, I have to leave my NAME.


    Bleubeard and Elizabeth

  6. These cards are amazing! I especially love the medieval plants :)

  7. I'm really loving these medieval inspired cards. I especially like the angel and the bird.

  8. Beautiful artwork Dianne ... I am very taken with all things medieval


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