Friday, September 6, 2019

The Fair Sketchbook

My Fair Sketchbook over the years
(photo heavy post!)

2012 through 2019

Felt-tip pen and watercolor,

each drawn on location.

Transitional page: Zinnias on the left
were at the Ohio State Fair, memorial on 
the right was at the Fulton County Fair.

Drawn in a sketchbook gifted to me
by Roz Stendahl. Thank you Roz
 for inspiring Fake Journals and
drawing at the fair!

I'm pleased that there seems to be
an improvement in the drawings
 over the years. I do so enjoy going
to the fair! And honestly, just as much
to watch the people and see the 
exhibits, as well as the animals.

Monday, August 12, 2019

T is for Tiger and Toucan

For the month of August I'm doing the 
Hobonichi Challenge art prompts: 
"It's a Zoo Out There!"
What fun to draw animals, some that
I have never seen. Thank you Internet
for reference photos for art!

I think I may have used this same photo 
before to draw a sea otter.  I think he's so
adorable floating on his back, looking so

Sun Bear and Red Panda. Cute little
face on the red panda...

Yes, I work in more than one planner...
and multiple sketchbooks too. After all, 
it's not hoarding if it's sketchbooks! ha ha
The top planner (red) is the Hobonichi A6,
in which these little watercolors are 

Had to add a fun photo of one of my daughter's
flower beds.  It's beside their basement steps, 
hence the reason for the fence. I said her flowers
looked so much better than mine! She admitted
she's been putting on fertilizer every week. 
Maybe I need to take a page from her book!

The summer has flown by so quickly! Just 
thought I should add some pretty blooms
to the blog before they're gone. 

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. Stop by for a beverage and
a chat. Can you find the coffee cups that
I doodle on my pages nearly every day? 
 Gotta have coffee before I do all the things.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Paper and Paint

This is the result (above) of a doctor's visit.
You know the little gowns they give you to put on
for a 'physical?'  This one was like paper towel.
In my defense, when left unsupervised, I can
usually entertain myself with a pen and paper.
yes, I drew on the hem of the paper gown.
But this paper was more like paper towel, so I
had to be careful not to punch the pen right 
through it.  The time spent waiting on the exam
table went much faster, and i was able to ignore
the chill of the room while I waited. No unusual 
problems (except the relative eccentricities of an artist)
just having to do a regular 'check-in'.  The Physician's
Assistant asked if she could have it. Wonder if it
will end up on the Break Room bulletin board?

In other news, our son and daughter-in-law 
purchased their first house, and we went to help
them paint rooms before they moved in. I don't
usually show photos of myself, but I was rather
proud of  managing the above space. This
is me painting in the niche above the fireplace.
I believe a television goes there. It was just deep
enough that I couldn't reach it from a ladder...
Since I have a fairly steady hand, I "got to" paint
around most of the trim!

On the way home, this is our first traffic jam encounter.
There were several traffic jams that day, but at
 least in this instance we got to see
 the reason that traffic was backed up.  It appears
that a refrigerated semi caught fire. You can see the
charred front end of the trailer, and the burned
musk melons being scooped up. The smell of
burned musk melons was quite unique and
pretty nasty.  Won't soon forget it!

I've been to a couple of different Planner Events
over the summer.  Picture a room full of people
(in this case 200) who all love journaling and working
in Planners.  Most don't draw, but they do love
 stickers and stamping and ink and washi tape. 
My kind of people.

Since the theme of the event was flamingos, I
did a page of black and white doodles and had
copies made. Then I painted the copies and
cut them out.  Fun to give to attendees that
I met.  So much swag was given out, and I met
wonderful, fun people!

It's been a busy summer, with lots of ups and
downs.  Mower repair, chauffeuring parents to 
appointments, road trips with traffic jams. 
And journaling...always.
Hope all my blogging friends are
keeping well and enjoying life. 
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Groovin'

Hi there...
been gone awhile. Enjoying the
summer that has finally arrived.
Above, is a photo of the bumper crop of
milkweed that my In-laws have saved
for the Monarchs. Can you spot the butterfly?

Yes, I'm still journaling in my Hobonichi.
I confess, I've been wooed away from
my blog by Instagram.
It is super easy to post there.

I had to break down and buy a new 
printer/scanner, and I don't have a clue
how to edit my scans with the new
device. *sigh*
I will have to call in reinforcements. Hopefully, 
my daughter can figure it out and show me!

Fortunately I managed a work-around with
phone photos that I emailed to myself,
saved to my computer, and then

I've discovered some fun drawing
challenges on Instagram, and for the month
of July I'm celebrating hippie doodles with 
#ohsocutedoodles ,
and the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.
At 15 years old in rural Ohio, I was completely clueless 
about free rock concerts in upstate New York.
But I remember the great art, design,
music and advertising of the late 60's
and early 70's.  Groovy man!

IG: dbcarey_2000

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Dance

Snoopy was my favorite cartoon
character in High School. I loved
Charles Schultz's Peanuts gang.
Happy Dance for Spring!

Comparison of watercolor flowers, with
and without ink pen.  On Instagram, most
people preferred with the ink outline.
What do you think?

I felt like I had been a bit lazy in my
Hobonichi of late, so decided to add
some fun cartoon characters.

Above right, that tiny coffee cup is my
beverage reference to join the T Party,
which is currently celebrating over
Happy bEARTHday to my friend

Happy Spring, and
Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Service Announcement-Surprise Emoji

My good friend Elizabeth is experiencing some 
technical difficulties with the blog that she's
had for years. (Alteredbooklover)

Please visit Elizabeth at her 
(hopefully temporary)

Elizabeth's recycled mixed media
projects will continue for her celebration
of Earth Day.  Join her to see
the creative ways she
recycles to make art!

4/26/19 EDIT: Elizabeth is now back on her 
normal blog at Altered Book Lover.