Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Dance

Snoopy was my favorite cartoon
character in High School. I loved
Charles Schultz's Peanuts gang.
Happy Dance for Spring!

Comparison of watercolor flowers, with
and without ink pen.  On Instagram, most
people preferred with the ink outline.
What do you think?

I felt like I had been a bit lazy in my
Hobonichi of late, so decided to add
some fun cartoon characters.

Above right, that tiny coffee cup is my
beverage reference to join the T Party,
which is currently celebrating over
Happy bEARTHday to my friend

Happy Spring, and
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Love the Snoopy happy dance, Dianne. I prefer the inked outlined flowers too. I wonder why the human eye prefers more defined borders than are found in nature.

    Love your cartoons. Tweety Bird was one of my childhood favorites.

    Happy Spring, Happy Earth Day and Happy T-day to you too! Eileen xx

  2. Snoopy is still one of my all time faves. Love the journal pages, as always. I prefer the flowers without the inky outlines. Always a pleasure to visit your blog. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh these pages sing from HAPPY life and artistic takent Dianne! I love them - both variations of the flowers are amazing in my eyes! Happy T-Day !
    Susi xxx

  4. Beautiful pages! Snoopy doing his happy spring dance made me smile ...lol 😉. I'm loving your drawings, the outlined flowers would be my choice and Taz is fabulous! I counted two cups today - Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  5. Your journal just makes me smile. All the fun cartoon characters. My girlies loved Pikachu when they were little. Happy T Day

  6. I've always loved Snoopy, too. Happy dance indeed.

    It's amazing how very different the flowers look when outlined. I like both ways, because they can be used in very different ways. Always good to leave your options open and not be stuck in a rut.

    Love your journal pages and thanks for mentioning my blog (hopefully temporary) on yours. Thanks so much for joining us for T this Tuesday with your adorable coffee mug and your incredible art, dear Dianne.

  7. Wow, fantastic art journal pages!! Great artwork. Happy T-Day!

  8. Ha, Snoopy! He is everyone's favorite I think. Who doesn't like Snoopy?
    Lovely pages! I always love to look at them and the images you have drawn. Re the rose: I prefer the outlined version.
    Happy belated T-DAy,

  9. Happy dance is me today. In case you haven’t heard or read, I’ve now have regained control of my original blog and have even posted on it.


  10. I love those flowers both ways! Loved the Pooh and Piglet pic - we watched Christopher Robin on TV the other day - a really lovely film! Hugs, Chrisx

  11. I love your calendar art journal pages!


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