Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Journal Pages

I am trying the new Design version of Blogger, but it doesn't seem to be letting me insert text between the images...(gnashing of teeth & sounds of frustration here)
Any suggestions would be appreciated...I am not so great at the technology part of blogging...guess I need to break down and look for instructions...

These are pages in the Green Journal that Elizabeth made for me.  It is delightful that she included so many different types of paper, sizes of pages, and clear acetate pockets to put stuff in.  I forgot to take "before" pictures...sorry!
Elizabeth had sewn on the pieces of photo film, so that's what prompted me to put in the movie ticket stubs and an image for the movie 'Prince of Persia.'  The letters spelling out "create" were also included by E.  I'm not sure what prompted me to do the paper cut out face graphic, but I am pleased with the way it turned out. I didn't sketch it first, just grabbed the scissors and started cutting...and
I like how the face peeks out from behind the pages preceding it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Journal Self-Portrait

Another background painted while
using up the colors on my palette.
Later, I sketched myself in pencil
and went over it in Sharpie marker.
The serious expression is just
because I didn't want to attempt
to hold a smile during the time it
took to draw myself in front of the
bathroom mirror! Seeing my face
in yellow is interesting. I find it a
happy color, but don't wear it because
I don't think it goes well with my
complexion coloring. Odd.
My husband said this was
"pretty good," so I guess it does
resemble me...but our impression
of our appearance in our own mind
may not match up with what is
physically there. I think I still see
myself as I was in my twenties. Is that
when our sense of 'self' matures?
So perhaps I need to do another
that is 'more honest,' reflecting
a few more wrinkles and graying hair.
Or, better yet, an abstraction!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art Journal Cover

Pieced cotton fabrics embellished with
felt, painted fabric, painted paper, buttons,
beads, found objects and assorted charms.
This is one of my submissions for the
Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan competition.
You can see all the entries here.
Had a fun time creating this cover and
really went all out with the embellishing.
Felt is used inside the quilted "sandwich"
and the inside covers have painted muslin
as the foundation. I made pages from
watercolor paper, and look forward to
working in this journal. Problem is, I
have about five journals going at once.
Stop by the Cloth Paper Scissors
website and view all the fantastic entries...
and cross your fingers for me...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Religious Icon

My version of
Our Lady of Guadalupe, in my
hardback journal. Background is craft acrylic
paint -- "use up the paint left on the palette."
The image is done in watercolor, which
made for an interesting texture. The background
shows through the transparent watercolors.
I was doing some research on-line recently,
looking for ideas for Mexican Folk Art.
There is an extremely wide variety of
things available. I like the bright colors
and primitive quality of the works,
though of course there are master artists
who do much more realistic paintings as well.
Pottery, woodcarving, textiles,
religious icons, Day of the Dead...
very inspiring stuff!
Here are some links to a few sites I found:
Hearst Museum
Day of the Dead Art
Bel's Nook - Belinda Schneider's blog

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sketchbook Revisited: 2004-2005

We used to call them Sketchbooks.
Now the "In" term is Visual Journal.
Mine contain quotes, notes from things
I've read, sketches, plans, some finished
visual art, some unfinished ideas.

Above is a collage of magazine textures over a
background painted with poster paints.
Click on any image for a closer view.

An artist's quote and
my drawings...just to make me happy.
The top of this page's drawing was
inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe landscapes.
Pen and colored pencil.

Quotes from rock songs that I
heard on the radio. Drawing in
blue crayon.

Watercolor & pen of wheat field stubble--
view from my parent's living room window.
I was doing 'elder care' for my
96 - yr- old grandma
at the time, and every time I look at this
painting, I think of her.

Pen and watercolor --
birds are a challenge and
I believe I worked from photos
in a bird watcher's book.

Pen and colored pencil from a photo.

Pen drawing from a poster --
it was in McDonald's. They were promoting
the movie and the Happy Meals
had Lilo & Stitch toys.
I couldn't resist this
cartoon & caption!

Last but not least,
pen drawing of an antique family register
drawn from a library book photo. I wanted
to make a record of this layout, in case
I decided to utilize it for my own work.
These primitive records
are fascinating, often decorated with flowering
vines, angels, even coffins with the names
of deceased family members. Having
painted a family tree myself, I know
these are challenging to plan & execute,
but so satisfying to complete.