Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Journal Self-Portrait

Another background painted while
using up the colors on my palette.
Later, I sketched myself in pencil
and went over it in Sharpie marker.
The serious expression is just
because I didn't want to attempt
to hold a smile during the time it
took to draw myself in front of the
bathroom mirror! Seeing my face
in yellow is interesting. I find it a
happy color, but don't wear it because
I don't think it goes well with my
complexion coloring. Odd.
My husband said this was
"pretty good," so I guess it does
resemble me...but our impression
of our appearance in our own mind
may not match up with what is
physically there. I think I still see
myself as I was in my twenties. Is that
when our sense of 'self' matures?
So perhaps I need to do another
that is 'more honest,' reflecting
a few more wrinkles and graying hair.
Or, better yet, an abstraction!


  1. I personally think it looks lovely and I believe I would know you if I met you in person. I have always found your drawings so realistic. OK, maybe gray hair rather than yellow, but I don't think gray goes as well in this portrait.

  2. Very nice self-portrait! I don't know about the wrinkles and gray hair, sometimes I think it is better to imagine myself at my least wrinkly!

  3. lovely.
    i guess itdepends on what you're going for - perfect realism or something a little expressive.
    this is just a great drawing of itself, and works great against the mulitcolours.

  4. This is fantastic! Love your sketch with your background and your journal cover, below, is awesome!

  5. WOW Dianne! I am so impressed with your talents!
    drawn from a mirror image no less!

  6. I like this! I've been nervous to try to draw myself. I don't take many self portrait photos, either. I think, though, when I see others' sketches of themselves, I like the ones that don't necessarily look like a perfect replica, but the ones that have some abstraction or creative license, to reflect the character of the person. It's hard to do that when you're sketching yourself. This looks great.

  7. When drawing from "life" I try to forget who/what I am drawing--forget what the object is, and just draw the shapes and spaces that I see.

    I too, usually avoid having my picture taken! since I lost 40 lb 3 yrs ago, it is less traumatic, but still see the signs of "getting older!" well, it IS me and I just keep trying to learn/play/improve my world every day...

    thank you to all who left a comment! each is a motivation to keep creating...


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