Sunday, August 8, 2010

Religious Icon

My version of
Our Lady of Guadalupe, in my
hardback journal. Background is craft acrylic
paint -- "use up the paint left on the palette."
The image is done in watercolor, which
made for an interesting texture. The background
shows through the transparent watercolors.
I was doing some research on-line recently,
looking for ideas for Mexican Folk Art.
There is an extremely wide variety of
things available. I like the bright colors
and primitive quality of the works,
though of course there are master artists
who do much more realistic paintings as well.
Pottery, woodcarving, textiles,
religious icons, Day of the Dead...
very inspiring stuff!
Here are some links to a few sites I found:
Hearst Museum
Day of the Dead Art
Bel's Nook - Belinda Schneider's blog

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  1. The images of Mexican Folk Art might be primitive, but your religious icon study is not. Quite a beautiful piece and so well executed. I'm off to view your suggested links, too.


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