Sunday, October 28, 2012

Watercolor Journal Pages

Watercolor borders for visual journal pages.
These are actually the back of scrapbook
papers. Not an ideal surface to paint on, 
but flattened out ok after drying and pressing
under a stack of books.

I painted this from a view from my living 
room window. Covered the back of my couch
with a piece of paper and set my journal,
watercolors and bowl of water on the couch
back.  I stood up on my knees and
sketched with pen, then added watercolors.

The left side of the spread
with text added...

How do you overcome
a gray day, or a "gray mood?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visual Journal Pages~collage and painting

Collaged visual journal page.
Watercolor background with drawings
in Sharpie pen. Fabric and my own
drawings are glued onto the page.

Scrapbook paper background,
quotes, and drawings with

Acrylic and watercolor both
find a home in my journals.
Below, an atc for
Halloween: "a murder of crows."
I discovered that a flock of crows can
also be called a 'murder.'  It's a term
used in the book I'm reading right now-
"A Dance With Dragons" by
George R.R. Martin.
Awesome medieval novel!

Journal pages in a smaller
journal, drawn in pencil

inked in with Sharpie pen,
colored with watercolor pencils

then water applied.
The color gets brighter when
the water is applied, and
often the pencil strokes are
still visible in the finished piece.

What are you working on?

Friday, October 19, 2012


"An Eye For Flowers"
5" x 7" collage
Painted papers, vintage ephemera
on watercolor paper.

5" x 7" collage
Painted papers and vintage ephemera
on watercolor paper.
Brown paper has touches of gold
mist which does not show in the scan.
(Click on any image to enlarge)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Smash Journal: Pages in Progress

The guy on the pink background is
the image provided in the Smash Book.
The drawings pasted around the edge
I drew in Sharpie pen and watercolor.

I often draw or doodle while watching television.
I draw on scraps of watercolor or other drawing paper
and fill in with watercolors.  The finished
designs get thrown into the back
 of the book until I feel that they 'fit'
onto a page. Then they get glued in...
this page is still evolving.

Above, a sketch done in ball point pen,
of my grandson when he was about 2.
It's done on a scrap of cardboard, and
lived on my refrigerator under a magnet
for the longest time. Now it's found
a home in the Smash Book along
with scraps of lace and burlap
from his aunt's wedding.

Two page spread of Favorite Things...
too numerous to mention,
and still a work in progress.
Maybe I can squeeze in a few more things?

What are your 'favorite things?'

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding Decor: Pillows, part 2

Continuing the burlap
and lace 

burlap pillow with antique lace
(purchased at a flea market)
and large vintage buttons
from one of my grandmother's
button jars.

Counted cross stitch pillow with 'love birds'
design in dark plum thread.
I crocheted the lace for the pillow trim.

Now the fun will be to pack everything
up and get it to the reception venue.
Lots of flowers, glassware, doilies,
pillows, candy dishes and crates.
Hopefully, it will all come together...
The important thing is that the couple
lives happily ever after!