Friday, October 12, 2012

Smash Journal: Pages in Progress

The guy on the pink background is
the image provided in the Smash Book.
The drawings pasted around the edge
I drew in Sharpie pen and watercolor.

I often draw or doodle while watching television.
I draw on scraps of watercolor or other drawing paper
and fill in with watercolors.  The finished
designs get thrown into the back
 of the book until I feel that they 'fit'
onto a page. Then they get glued in...
this page is still evolving.

Above, a sketch done in ball point pen,
of my grandson when he was about 2.
It's done on a scrap of cardboard, and
lived on my refrigerator under a magnet
for the longest time. Now it's found
a home in the Smash Book along
with scraps of lace and burlap
from his aunt's wedding.

Two page spread of Favorite Things...
too numerous to mention,
and still a work in progress.
Maybe I can squeeze in a few more things?

What are your 'favorite things?'


  1. I was saddened to read you have no photos of the wedding, but I can understand the rush you must have been in. I'm sure your DD will share some of her photos that you can use on your blog.

    Somehow I don't understand the Smash Book, or even the concept behind it. But you are doing a fabulous job filling it in with both phrases and images you have created that shows the personal side of the book. Very impressive entries, including your GS, AND the quote on whining. This is SO, SO true!

  2. Love your doodled drawings book!
    p.s. Smash is such an interesting name for that book line I find :)

  3. Your lettering is great!
    I hope all went well, and much congratulations!


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