Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visual Journal Pages~collage and painting

Collaged visual journal page.
Watercolor background with drawings
in Sharpie pen. Fabric and my own
drawings are glued onto the page.

Scrapbook paper background,
quotes, and drawings with

Acrylic and watercolor both
find a home in my journals.
Below, an atc for
Halloween: "a murder of crows."
I discovered that a flock of crows can
also be called a 'murder.'  It's a term
used in the book I'm reading right now-
"A Dance With Dragons" by
George R.R. Martin.
Awesome medieval novel!

Journal pages in a smaller
journal, drawn in pencil

inked in with Sharpie pen,
colored with watercolor pencils

then water applied.
The color gets brighter when
the water is applied, and
often the pencil strokes are
still visible in the finished piece.

What are you working on?


  1. What wonderful pages and ATCs, Diane. I always admire your drawing and lettering and these are no exception.

  2. These are nice! You have a distinctive style with your colors, I think. It's recognizable. I have not been doing anything lately! I sent one ATC out a week ago. That's it. I have lots on the work table, but I'm finding there's so much going on all the time I have to defer to relaxation at the end of a day. It's temporary I'm sure!

  3. Always so lovely to see your collage pages and the atc is lovely, too. wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  4. I love them all! But I have to say that the eye in the second picture draws me in. And Scared Heart was the town my dad grew up in...special meaning beyond the amazing drawing you created.

  5. So much to enjoy in your creativity and talent dear Dianne!

    The sacred heart really speaks to me too...I have a small metal collection of those hanging on the wall

    Have a great weekend

  6. Thankyou for leaving comments on my blog! Love your sacred heart page!


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