Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Book from ATC's

I made a mini book from Artist Trading Card
sized bits of recycled cardboard.  I used
illustrations and text from an old
book about Alaska.

This ATC mini-book also combines
fabric scraps, assorted papers, and
my watercolor and pen drawings.
(click on any image to enlarge)

Most of the pages have minimal additions
to the background image.

I used words cut from the text
to create a "found poem."

I liked the contrast of the Northwest
art images and the watercolor, right.

This was a new way for me to 
use the Artist Trading Card size format.
I put this together while watching television,
trying not to over think the process and
using what I had on hand.
It's a format that has infinite possibilities...

The text reads:

nomads adapting to the signs
In the chapel
printed in Japanese
reviving interest in
the Northwest Indian arts
hostile beauty
faded into the distance.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing an Art Journal

Art Journal sewn from scraps
and filled with collage.  The
cover fabric was a wonderful
abstract print of bright colors.
Quilting, collage, and painted
muslin complete the cover.

Fabric, paper, and drawing are
often combined in my collages.

Recycled collage of many papers, fabric and drawing
on the right, with painted and stamped details.
I just folded the already completed collage
in half and bound it into the book.

The Jasper Johns quote on the 
bottom left is a favorite...
"Generally, I am opposed to painting which is concerned
with conceptions of simplicity. Everything looks
very busy to me."

Ever wonder why the way we look
is somewhat of a surprise to ourselves?
I still think I should look 25...*sigh*...

Post # 250!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mixed Media Postcards

Mixed media postcards 
from recycled cardboard,
fabric scraps, and
watercolor with pen.  
Mixed media postcards
and collage can be
created with almost
anything, and I
decided to use
some bright orange
masking tape in this
collage. I drew on it
with Sharpie pen.

Hearts were sewn
together before gluing to
the postcard, as was
the decorative stitching
with floss. Because the
watercolor papers
will run if gotten wet,
I will probably mail in
an envelope instead of
sending as a postcard.

Several pieces of fabric were stitched
together to make a rectangle, and then
the heart was cut out by folding in half
and cutting free-form.  Once I had 
several hearts made, I glued 
background fabric to 4" x 6" cardboard.
Then I arranged the fabric and paper
elements for the final collage.

I have seen beautiful fabric
postcards made with an assortment
of fabrics, fibers and stiffeners, 
all stitched together on the machine.
My love of fabric makes these
fabric collages a joy to create
and  to send!

To see more of my
mixed media postcards,
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