Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing an Art Journal

Art Journal sewn from scraps
and filled with collage.  The
cover fabric was a wonderful
abstract print of bright colors.
Quilting, collage, and painted
muslin complete the cover.

Fabric, paper, and drawing are
often combined in my collages.

Recycled collage of many papers, fabric and drawing
on the right, with painted and stamped details.
I just folded the already completed collage
in half and bound it into the book.

The Jasper Johns quote on the 
bottom left is a favorite...
"Generally, I am opposed to painting which is concerned
with conceptions of simplicity. Everything looks
very busy to me."

Ever wonder why the way we look
is somewhat of a surprise to ourselves?
I still think I should look 25...*sigh*...

Post # 250!


  1. First, thank you beyond belief for the lovely postcard Valentine I received in the mail today. What a great pick-me-up, since the weather has been so lousy.

    I'm truly impressed with this scrap collage journal. I love what you have done so far in it. And your cover fits far better than the one I tried to sew for you! As always, your art SHINES and speaks to me.

    Happy Heart Day to you tomorrow!

  2. This is one of the most inspiring journals I've seen in a long while! You develope each page to the fullest but not beyond. I really, really like it, can you tell?

  3. I'm loving catching up with your blog. Awesome pages and cards.


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