Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mixed Media Postcards

Mixed media postcards 
from recycled cardboard,
fabric scraps, and
watercolor with pen.  
Mixed media postcards
and collage can be
created with almost
anything, and I
decided to use
some bright orange
masking tape in this
collage. I drew on it
with Sharpie pen.

Hearts were sewn
together before gluing to
the postcard, as was
the decorative stitching
with floss. Because the
watercolor papers
will run if gotten wet,
I will probably mail in
an envelope instead of
sending as a postcard.

Several pieces of fabric were stitched
together to make a rectangle, and then
the heart was cut out by folding in half
and cutting free-form.  Once I had 
several hearts made, I glued 
background fabric to 4" x 6" cardboard.
Then I arranged the fabric and paper
elements for the final collage.

I have seen beautiful fabric
postcards made with an assortment
of fabrics, fibers and stiffeners, 
all stitched together on the machine.
My love of fabric makes these
fabric collages a joy to create
and  to send!

To see more of my
mixed media postcards,
go HERE. 


  1. Love the postcards!! I love pink and hearts!

  2. As a recipient of previous mixed media art of yours, I can tell how much you enjoy making these. You have incredible talent and a good eye for color, composition, and detail. I adore these postcards!

  3. Wow, what a lucky girl I am - my Valentine came in the mail yesterday! What a great idea Dianne. Mine is propped up against the monitor on my desk - where I spend most of my day. It makes me smile:) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful Valentine. Just love it, and it has a place of honor in my studio

  5. Thanks for the wonderful Valentine. Just love it, and it has a place of honor in my studio

  6. These are beautiful!! I want to try these. I have so many fabric bits and I'm getting used to my sewing machine.

    getting used to it.


    These are really nice.


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