Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art Journal Faces and Folk Art

Art journal pages created with
scraps of lined paper and maps
as the background for drawings and
an Artchix paper doll.

Collage made from
more scraps and the paper doll,
with magazine text and a 
vintage advertising image.

Art journal page:
Scraps of one of my ink drawings that
was photocopied and cut up. The 
image of the girl may be from
Artchix, but I am not sure...

You can use almost anything in
your art journal pages...
Magazine images and paper scraps
with my drawing/watercolor.
Subdued shades of watercolor
inspired by  a vintage photo.

Collage using
more scraps of drawings and watercolors,
this time brightly colored doodles...

A sketch:
I've told myself that I need to do
more sketching this year. Toddlers are
a challenging subject as they don't 
stand still much! Caught this pose
while she was watching tv.

When I want to do a quick 
journal page, a folk art flower
and a quick quote or thought
make a satisfying exercise...

Many of Emily Dickinson's poems
are quite sad, but this excerpt
speaks to me of brighter moments.

Listen for the song of hope
in your heart, and in your art!


  1. Your combination collages and drawings are incredible. I am in awe of all your pieces. I think of each as a definite work of art, suitable for framing. And yes, they are all so worthy of hanging on any wall.

  2. wow! you have many different styles, and all of these are awesome!

  3. These are really lovely sketches and collages. wow.


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