Saturday, January 14, 2012

Art Journal Faces

Watercolor, pen, and collage in
my mixed media art journal.
Sometimes song lyrics are a 
springboard for creating pages.

A quote from John Powell's book
"Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?"
about insights into personal growth
is featured on this page.

We all have many faces, or
"many hats."  I try to remember that
a person is much more than the role in which
I see them, or  simply their outward appearance.
Some days I feel like I am trying to keep up
with too many roles at once...

A constant source of material
for my artwork is art of ancient civilizations,
and almost every art movement of the past.
Well, probably not minimalist, but most
everything else.  This page features an
Alaskan mask, to which I added wings.
What subject or medium inspires you?


  1. I love your work, it is always so inspiring.

  2. Gorgeous work, really nicely done :)

  3. Beautiful pages... I love the words and thoughts that you include in you journal pages.

  4. Hello! Love your art journal are very detailed in your work. I am not sure I would have the patience. I especially liked your October 15 page.

    Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!

  5. I am inspired by your introspective words and thoughts you showed on this post, as well as the lovely, lovely art. Your pages show such emotion, through the words, as well as the color choices you make. Love it all, but really like how you hint at exposing the mask we all sometimes wear.

  6. I love the faces you have created. Each one tells its own story. You have a finger print in each piece, but yet they are separate from one another. Brilliantly done. Kimmie


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