Tuesday, September 12, 2017

T is for Tales

For T Tuesday, sharing little drawings of my
breakfast and beverage.  Coffee of course.
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for a beverage and a chat...

Above, the end of August 'favorites' in
the Hobonichi Challenge. Favorite vegetable
and Favorite Book. I find it very hard to pick
a 'favorite' of anything! But 'Heidi' was one 
book that I read over and over as a child.

Who has a favorite 'sign?'  Searching on the web,
I found one you can order...a fun one from The
Wizard of Oz. September's challenges are listed
on the right...several stories I wasn't familiar with.

Grimm's Fairy Tales are FAR from the sanitized
Disney versions. I had to look up The Juniper Tree
to get a synopsis of the story. Quite awful really...

The Singing Tortoise and Alice in Wonderland.

These drawings for Momotaro and Hans the
Hedgehog were inspired by vintage illustrations
I found online.  Below, some sketches done
at the Fulton County Fair. This has become a
bit of a tradition, though I usually don't get as
much time to sketch as I'd like.

These pygmy goats were so sweet...

More Fairy Tales...

Fitcher's Bird was another tale I hadn't
heard of.  A bloody one...but with a 
strong heroine!

Grimm's Little Mermaid is quite different
from Disney's. She dies in the end, but is
transformed and taken up 
into the air with the Air Spirits
to aid and watch over mankind,
because of her sacrifice of love...

P.S. ~ There were Five coffee cups in
the last post...it is easy to miss the little
cup that isn't 'colored in,' next to the
words 'Blog Post.'