Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bloomin' Hobonichi Techo

Joining the gang for T Tuesday
over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's...
little coffee cups show up on
quite a few of the pages in
my Hobonichi Techo, which
qualifies as "sharing a beverage."

Drawings of birds continue
throughout January...

and of course a little doodle for
Chinese New Year.

Fun poem that I found about
the pelican.

The Tennessee 'branch' of the family
made a super quick visit over the 
weekend to attend a wedding.
So great to see them, even
for a short time!

I am loving the amaryllis that I
received for Christmas from a
friend and co-worker! It grows
and changes quite rapidly when
the buds appear.

Hope you are finding some
wonderful color in your day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Techo Tuesday - Birds, Clouds and Pluto

Lots of birds are appearing in my
Hobonichi Techo journal, along with
daily happenings. The Hobonichi Challenge
that I am following has a theme this 
month of "Above the Clouds," hence
the many birds.

On the 19th, the challenge was "Pluto."
I am sure it was supposed to be the planet,
but that didn't appeal to me, so....
Pluto the Disney dog made his smiling

Crane and clouds were the prompts for
these two days...

I think this may be my favorite for the
week...the prompt on the 22nd was "dreams."
So, a bit of sketch after Kandinksy's
'Dreamy Improvisation' happened.

I am pleased with the way the 
parrot turned out, and the quote
makes me smile.

Did you spot the coffee mugs on these
pages? I'm linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for 
T Tuesday. Stop by for a beverage
and a fun visit with a wide variety
of friends, sharing their delightful
arts and activities!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coffee, Sweet Rolls, and Birds

Hubby brought me some sweet rolls
the other day, when I was staying in
because of my cold. Wonderful with
coffee, not so good for my weight!
Maybe you can spot the coffee mug
in there to qualify for T Tuesday!

Have been trying to do the Hobonichi Challenge
most days this month. (Which I found on the
Hobonichi Users Facebook group) 
It gives me an idea for something 
to draw each day. This January, 
it seems to include a lot of birds, so that 
sounded like fun to me.

One week down for the cold...possibly
another week to get over the cough. I
hope it's not longer than that... just
one of those things that comes with
every day life.

Linking up for T Tuesday over at
Altered Book Lover. Stop by for
a beverage and a chat!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New vs. Old

New versus old Hobonichi Techo
planner/art journal. Kind of hard to give
up working in this well-loved, painted and
collaged 2016 planner. 

The contrast in thickness of the
 old compared to the new planner 
is striking...it's at least doubled in size,
but the binding and paper held up well.
I don't usually concern myself with the
thickness of paper layers, but you can
see here why I tried to be somewhat
conservative in adding layers. Better
to do watercolors directly in the book...
and good practice to do so!

One of the last entries of 2016~
went to see 'Rogue One, a Star Wars
Story,' with our daughter. Then met up 
with our son-in-law to enjoy dinner out.

Click on any image to enlarge

It's been an eventful two months, and
lots of stuff went wrong. Thankful that 
hubby is doing well from his surgery, and
may go back to work next week. Seems 
that the only way he gets the holidays off
is to be hurt or sick, and this year he was
both! Tiny tea/coffee cups in my planner
to qualify for linking up with the T Tuesday
gang. I'm late to the party, but better late
than never. Stop by for a visit!

Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous
New Year to you!