Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coffee, Sweet Rolls, and Birds

Hubby brought me some sweet rolls
the other day, when I was staying in
because of my cold. Wonderful with
coffee, not so good for my weight!
Maybe you can spot the coffee mug
in there to qualify for T Tuesday!

Have been trying to do the Hobonichi Challenge
most days this month. (Which I found on the
Hobonichi Users Facebook group) 
It gives me an idea for something 
to draw each day. This January, 
it seems to include a lot of birds, so that 
sounded like fun to me.

One week down for the cold...possibly
another week to get over the cough. I
hope it's not longer than that... just
one of those things that comes with
every day life.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! So pleased you are being looked after so well by your hubby :-). Your drawings are so amazing and I always enjoy reading your journal pages, thanks for sharing! Sending you get well wishes, Happy T Day! J :-)

  2. Oh my, colds at this time do seem to linger for a long time....hope you feel much better real soon. Your drawings just keep getting better and better Dianne! How I love that hummingbird. Happy T day!

  3. Wonderful journal pages, your drawings all look fantastic.
    I hope you will be feeling better soon.
    Yvonne xx

  4. I am sorry that you are not well. Being germy is not good. I think your birds are beautiful, though. I simply adore your wonderful calendar pages , and love the last statement about broken crayons. So true.

    Yes, I spotted the mug in your T post. It went well with your sweet rolls, too. You have such incredible talent. Thanks for sharing these pages with us. But most of all, thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday with your mug and awesome art. Please get better soon.

  5. Get well soon dear Dianne!
    I so love your wonderful drawings!
    Great Challenge - hope you will show us as many as possible from all the drawings soon!
    oxo Susi

  6. i just LOVE all your drawings. it must be a joy to flip through all of your calenders!
    good Quote about the Crayons. and i hope your cold is getting better soon. it is just annoying. take care!
    happy belated t-day!

  7. So sorry you have a bad cold, and hope you soon feel better. Your little drawings and paintings are exquisite. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. That cold is suppose to be a bad one and I a, hoping I don't get it. Hope your cough goes away soon and you are really back up on your feet. I am loving all the birds in your journal. Its so nice to see something that doesn't feel so much like winter! Have a great day. Hugs-Erika

  9. Catching up. Both this and the previous post are very interesting to me. I've made attempts to "art journal" but never keep up with it. You are soooo consistent with it. I really admire that ability as well as admiring your art of course.

  10. Love seeing all of the bird drawings. ♥♥♥♥ I really do need to try and do more birds as I love them so much. SOrry you have been ill....it seems to be a universal thing these days... tissues every where :(

  11. My first look at your first journal page I read "I am feeling LUCKY" then I realized it said YUCKY. Sorry you caught a bug Dianne. That is never fun.
    Lovely bird drawings and more on your pages.
    Your husband sounds like a sweetie.

  12. I was sick over New Years...no fun! Glad to see you are keeping up with your journal never the less. Love the birds you sketched.
    Happy T day!

  13. Oh goodness, we are feeling the same :( My head is starting to clear, but the cough remains and my nose is bright red from blowing in tissue......LOL!
    I adore your journal pages ! The birds are fantastic, but I love the sun!
    Belated T-day wishes and thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment.

  14. Your hubby is so thoughtful. Feed a cold. Love your calendar drawings. The first thing I spotted was the sticky bun :-D and then the coffee mug. Also, would you kindly send me your snail mail address? I have something I would like to send to you. You can find my email link on the About Me on my blog. Hope you feel better soon.

  15. I think these are germs are globetrotters as the cold I had before Christmas took ages to get well! Hope it's not. I see you are still creating beautiful art though - I love the birds and Helios! BTW I saw a name I haven't heard of for a while…... 'Bucyrus' My brother used to work for Ruston Bucyrus - it used to be Ruston Hornsby before Bucyrus took them over years ago! I think hubby had a good idea to cheer you up with your sweet rolls - what's the old saying "Feed a cold, starve a fever"? Sorry to be late for T, Hugs, Chrisx

  16. I think I've said this before, Dianne, but I love your journaling style. Your bird paintings are wonderful! Hope you're soon over yoour cold. Happy T Day!

  17. Yes, It's the time of year for coughs and colds. I hope it passes soon.I'm sure the sweet rolls will help, lol. As Chris says: Feed a cold, starve a fever.
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting, I've been away from my desk.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  18. I like all your fine drawings! Especially the last with the clever words "Broken crayons still color".
    Sweet rolls are good for the soul, not only for colds.
    Happy T Day!


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