Friday, June 28, 2013

Science Collages on Index Cards~ 2013

 Mini collages on index cards with
science illustrations from an old book,
and assorted ephemera...

I drew the sprig of flowers in the
upper right corner to repeat the 
motif in the pink scrapbook paper.
The pink flower on the lower right is
my own drawing with watercolor.
The illustration of the man is from a
vintage book that I bought at 
a library sale--a great resource!

More bits of ephemera: text, book illustration,
postage stamp, scrap of soda pop carton, drawings,
and brown paper with paint. It's fun to add the
pen-drawn 'shadows' around the edge of 
some of the shapes, and I have to resist the
urge to do it on every collage!

I am not sure where the Asian lady came from-
perhaps a collage pack?  This collage includes
yellow fabric across the center.

When I create a collage, I try to 'lead the eye'
from left to right across the surface of the
collage.  The viewer's eye can be directed
by the lines, placement of colors and shapes,
and even the edges and open spaces
within the collage.

I also try to repeat some of the colors,
shapes, or motifs within the collage.
Here, there is a repetition of rectangular shapes,
circular shapes, dots, and the color green.

Collages often look 'random,' but I
 put them together intuitively with the
balance of shapes and colors in mind. Above,
 there is a 'stair step' of shapes from the
 upper left down to the phrase 'Modern Life.'
The circular diagram and the tree motif 
on the right keep our eyes from 'falling
off the page' on the extreme right. Our eye
is guided back up into the text and we
can again look across the surface of the 
collage comfortably as many times as we like.
Contrasting unrelated or unexpected 
images gives a fun quality to the piece.

So glad you stopped by --
I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Your
comments are appreciated more than you know...

There are many more artists doing the
ICAD 2013 challenge. Visit Daisy Yellow,
to see more great art on index cards!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Handicrafts ~ ICAD 2013

The Index-Card-A-Day 2013 Challenge
continues with 15-21.
This week I ended up with the theme
of 'handicrafts.'  My Webster's dictionary
defines it as "an occupation requiring skill
with the hands."  A broad definition.

Above, a sketch of a cookie form
made from cast iron.  Somehow my
bird ended up looking angry...

Above, a motif inspired by chintz fabric.
I love big old-fashioned cabbage rose images.

I decided to draw some of the many pin cushions
that I've made in the last year.  Above, the heart-shaped
pin cushion that I made in February, using traditional
cross-stitch sampler motifs.

This cross-stitch pincushion is a design by
Homespun Elegance, c. 2010.
They call it a 'Pin Poke.'
I really liked the gathered circular shape.
When I got the pattern home, I discovered
that the gathered fabric base was a pre-made
item, and there were no directions included for it.
So...a little trial and error, and I made my own.

As I've mentioned before, I have 
a hard time throwing away any small
scraps of even weave fabric, so here is
a drawing with watercolor of a book mark
that I made using sampler motifs
on 11 count Aida. I whip-stitched the
edge to prevent more raveling.  It's 
considered poor form to cut things 
this close, but the rebel artist in me
doesn't really care about that.

Hope your day is filled with
flowers and bird song.
Stop by Daisy Yellow to see more

Friday, June 14, 2013

Art on Index Cards - ICAD 2013

Watercolor pencil inspired by 
American folk art -- and a crazy day!
I do enjoy hearing the birds sing outside
of my window...

Mini collage, above. Who knew that shorthand
would have a symbol for gesso?  My
spell check doesn't even recognize it so I
need to add it to my dictionary...

Watched an interview on-line by Danny Gregory, and
added some of his quotes to this watercolor collage.
His blog and sketches are amazing...
(There is a link to his blog in my side bar)

Can't seem to resist the vintage bottles.
Silk flowers stuck in an old medicine bottle.

Above, Sharpie pen and watercolor doodles
just for fun.

Watercolor pencils and Sharpie pen.
I drew this while at a gas station. We were
parked in front of the propane tank exchange
display, so had to draw the cool logo.
Filled in the color when I got home.

Collage from scrapbook papers and a 
color copy of a map in an encyclopedia.
The flower is a photocopy of a drawing
that I did, then colored with watercolor
pencils. And couldn't resist a bit more shorthand!

That's my ICAD week.
What have you been up to?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Culture is when...

"Culture is when 
your mom drags you to the
art museum." -- my son, around age 10.

 Right, above- The Insect Chorus, 1917 by
Charles Burchfield, clipped from an old
Vogue magazine. An interesting article
about his work is here.  The swirls of trees
and nature look so modern for 1917...

I should be doing laundry, dishes, 
or cleaning house.  Instead, I am
pasting bits into my
green eco Smash Book.

What will you cut, paste, 
or draw today?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Index Card a Day - ICAD 2013

WEEK 1, 2013
I am creating art on a 4x6 index card
every day during June and July, 2013. It's a
challenge started by Tammy over at
Daisy Yellow. (click on the Index card in side bar)

You can use any medium on your index card--
even crayons.  They aren't just for kids...

Pen and watercolor sketch 
of vintage bottle and candle stick
on my dining room table.

No explanation needed...

I enjoy motifs created by many different cultures.
Native American pottery, bead work and weaving
are beautiful.  Designs after illustrations from
a Dover publication American Indian Design
and Decoration, by L.H. Appleton.

And some days you just gotta
cut loose and go with the flow...
watercolor and pen
non-objective painting, below.

Join the ICAD challenge over at
Daisy Yellow.  61 days in June and July.
61 index cards of whatever you want to do.
Play, draw, cut, paste, staple, sew,
vent, create, quote, or doodle.
It's up to you.
But if you need a little prompting,
you'll find that too. Visit Tammy
at Daisy Yellow and just start!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Index Card a Day ~ ICAD

Why would you make art on an index card?
--and do one every day?
->It's a small size so it's quick to do
-> Index cards are inexpensive
-> One per day keeps your creativity going
-> It's fun!

Over at Daisy Yellow, Tammy is again hosting
the Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge.  You can
visit her blog by clicking on the Index Card icon
in my side bar.  She will be posting weekly
optional prompts, and the links to other blogs
who are participating.  There is also a Flickr group where
 you can post what you've created. We just started on 
June 1st, and will be continuing until the end
of July.  You can use any medium or subject,
and basically do whatever you want!  Join the don't have to 'catch up,' 
just get started!

ICAD from 2012

I've enjoyed doing the challenge in past years,
and have been surprised at the variety of things
that end up on the index cards.  I have quite a stack,
and you can see some of them here

Sometimes the index card ends up in a Smash Book
or art journal.  ICAD can help me deal with my
 the card above, 6-1-13, shows.  One of my favorites from
the past is...

works for me!