Sunday, June 2, 2013

Index Card a Day ~ ICAD

Why would you make art on an index card?
--and do one every day?
->It's a small size so it's quick to do
-> Index cards are inexpensive
-> One per day keeps your creativity going
-> It's fun!

Over at Daisy Yellow, Tammy is again hosting
the Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge.  You can
visit her blog by clicking on the Index Card icon
in my side bar.  She will be posting weekly
optional prompts, and the links to other blogs
who are participating.  There is also a Flickr group where
 you can post what you've created. We just started on 
June 1st, and will be continuing until the end
of July.  You can use any medium or subject,
and basically do whatever you want!  Join the don't have to 'catch up,' 
just get started!

ICAD from 2012

I've enjoyed doing the challenge in past years,
and have been surprised at the variety of things
that end up on the index cards.  I have quite a stack,
and you can see some of them here

Sometimes the index card ends up in a Smash Book
or art journal.  ICAD can help me deal with my
 the card above, 6-1-13, shows.  One of my favorites from
the past is...

works for me!


  1. Last year I didn't think I could join because I don't DRAW. But, having checked out the site, I realized I could use any medium. So I also joined this year.

    Sounds like yesterday (June 1) was a rather hectic day. I hope the week improves for you, because I adore your lovely cards.

  2. your quote on the last one. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

  3. These cards are great - you certainly can draw well (I can't) and I truly love your sayings...I collect quotes and sayings like a fiend and this is such a great way to share them. Look forward to seeing more!


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