Friday, June 7, 2013

Index Card a Day - ICAD 2013

WEEK 1, 2013
I am creating art on a 4x6 index card
every day during June and July, 2013. It's a
challenge started by Tammy over at
Daisy Yellow. (click on the Index card in side bar)

You can use any medium on your index card--
even crayons.  They aren't just for kids...

Pen and watercolor sketch 
of vintage bottle and candle stick
on my dining room table.

No explanation needed...

I enjoy motifs created by many different cultures.
Native American pottery, bead work and weaving
are beautiful.  Designs after illustrations from
a Dover publication American Indian Design
and Decoration, by L.H. Appleton.

And some days you just gotta
cut loose and go with the flow...
watercolor and pen
non-objective painting, below.

Join the ICAD challenge over at
Daisy Yellow.  61 days in June and July.
61 index cards of whatever you want to do.
Play, draw, cut, paste, staple, sew,
vent, create, quote, or doodle.
It's up to you.
But if you need a little prompting,
you'll find that too. Visit Tammy
at Daisy Yellow and just start!


  1. Wow! I love the fact that all the cards are very different! My favorite ones are the ones with the motivs.

  2. Wow! Your index cards are amazing, little works of art!! I am looking forward to seeing next weeks :)

  3. Oh, I love these! I have a weakness for vintage glass so that one speaks to me, of course...but so do others (especially "argh"!). Really nice :)

  4. YOU, certainly, can make real art with crayons. The index card seems like a good size to work on can be quick and casual. It is fun to see your's and what other participants are coming up with.

  5. I truly LOVE what you are doing. This challenge seems to fit you. I wish I had started with the larger ICs like yours. Mine are 3 X 5, and I don't do SMALL very well.

  6. Such beautiful diversity of work. Love it!

  7. They are all fabulous and show case your talents and skills... I really love the vintage bottles drawing...xx

  8. Oh I love what you are doing with your index cards :) The patterns at the bottom are really interesting I can see why you're drawn to them :)

  9. i like the variety of ideas you have! this is a fun challenge, isn't it??

  10. What a great set of cards! I love the variety of styles.

  11. Your cards are stunning! Love your pen work, and use of colour. Very inspiring cards. :)


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