Friday, June 28, 2013

Science Collages on Index Cards~ 2013

 Mini collages on index cards with
science illustrations from an old book,
and assorted ephemera...

I drew the sprig of flowers in the
upper right corner to repeat the 
motif in the pink scrapbook paper.
The pink flower on the lower right is
my own drawing with watercolor.
The illustration of the man is from a
vintage book that I bought at 
a library sale--a great resource!

More bits of ephemera: text, book illustration,
postage stamp, scrap of soda pop carton, drawings,
and brown paper with paint. It's fun to add the
pen-drawn 'shadows' around the edge of 
some of the shapes, and I have to resist the
urge to do it on every collage!

I am not sure where the Asian lady came from-
perhaps a collage pack?  This collage includes
yellow fabric across the center.

When I create a collage, I try to 'lead the eye'
from left to right across the surface of the
collage.  The viewer's eye can be directed
by the lines, placement of colors and shapes,
and even the edges and open spaces
within the collage.

I also try to repeat some of the colors,
shapes, or motifs within the collage.
Here, there is a repetition of rectangular shapes,
circular shapes, dots, and the color green.

Collages often look 'random,' but I
 put them together intuitively with the
balance of shapes and colors in mind. Above,
 there is a 'stair step' of shapes from the
 upper left down to the phrase 'Modern Life.'
The circular diagram and the tree motif 
on the right keep our eyes from 'falling
off the page' on the extreme right. Our eye
is guided back up into the text and we
can again look across the surface of the 
collage comfortably as many times as we like.
Contrasting unrelated or unexpected 
images gives a fun quality to the piece.

So glad you stopped by --
I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Your
comments are appreciated more than you know...

There are many more artists doing the
ICAD 2013 challenge. Visit Daisy Yellow,
to see more great art on index cards!


  1. Your cards are really unique & very interesting! Love your process!

  2. You have certainly mastered composition in your ICAD collages! These are all super!!!

  3. Great cards. Love those vintage science illustrations - great find!

  4. very nice collages! this has been a fun challenge, don't you think?

  5. These are great. I especially love the first few with the science illustrations. I also like how you incorporate the number of the card on the front...I have never done that with mine, and I really like the idea.

  6. I accidentally rejected this comment from Bluebeard and Elizabeth,(sorry E!) but fortunately still had it in my email inbox:
    "As always, these are incredibly impressive. I am in LUST for the science pages you used. My cup of tea, so to speak. I can see why you picked that book up at the library sale. And yes, it's a great resource and super collage fodder in your hands."

  7. Wonderful series of collages! I love the illustrations you included.

  8. Okay, Dianne, your take on collage and the placement of elements is so apt for working in collage and I love it that you shared your decision making processes on these! I love that one with the pink paper and your repeat of the plant. I LOVE the science imagery and also how you used fabric on one of them. This is a great inspiration for me to use my fabric.

  9. wow. Love your collage work, and so interesting to hear about the different images you chose. Very inspiring. :)


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