Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Culture is when...

"Culture is when 
your mom drags you to the
art museum." -- my son, around age 10.

 Right, above- The Insect Chorus, 1917 by
Charles Burchfield, clipped from an old
Vogue magazine. An interesting article
about his work is here.  The swirls of trees
and nature look so modern for 1917...

I should be doing laundry, dishes, 
or cleaning house.  Instead, I am
pasting bits into my
green eco Smash Book.

What will you cut, paste, 
or draw today?


  1. I got a big laugh out of your son's comment. I wonder if he knows how important that quote was way back when he was 10.

    I'm with you. I should be packing and instead, I'm having fun reading your blog post.

  2. My goodness, Diane, your artwork is amazing. I've just spent a totally enjoyable 45 minutes reading back through your posts. I had heard the term "smash" book previously and wondered what it meant. Thanks for the explanation and examples. Your ink drawings are my favorites, especially the vintage glass bottles. That one page with two bottles and hints of wedding beads just sends me over the wall. And you quilt too? I'm in awe.


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