Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tradition of the Madonna- on T Tuesday

My Black Madonna, watercolor- 2009,

Black Madonna of Częstochowa

from Wikipedia, my model.

Virgin of Guadalupe,
Art journal page, watercolor & acrylic.

Mother of God in the Garden of Paradise, 
Sharpie marker in my art journal.

Art journal page from 9/4/13-Collage & watercolor...
"Painting is just another way of
keeping a diary."  -  Picasso

If only the calm serenity of the Madonna's
aspect could be transferred to us
during the hectic holiday season!
Enjoy your tea, or coffee today...

Linking to Elizabeth's T Tuesday party.
Whatever your December activities,
I hope you will shine bright and steady
and enjoy your days!

  ♦ ♦ ♦


  1. I had NO idea you had so many Madonnas. And even though they are all similar, they are all equally different and unique.

    I saw an exhibit on Caterina's blog about replicas/series that Van Gogh made. Looks like you are doing your own series with these Madonnas.

    Thanks for sharing T today, dear friend.

  2. WOW, these are beautiful!! I can't pick a favorite, love them all. Happy T Day to you!

  3. Such lovely Madonna's. I enjoyed looking at each and every one of them.


  4. Even MORE Madonnas. It seems you have been working this series for several years. I'm always delighted to see you date your art, something I don't often do. I've even been known to not add my name to pieces I've sent to others!

  5. What a great collection of Marian art. I think my favorite is the one based on the icon...I find the rules and methods of iconography intriguing.

    Your panda mug is super cute. Happy T Day!

  6. Your Madonna's are each so gorgeous and lovely!
    I feel calmer and more serene just looking at them...
    Happy T day to you!

  7. Well, those Madonnas are beautiful! Loved seeing all of these!

  8. Hello again,
    saw your comment on my blog. I do live in Ohio, on the east side, in Madison. Where do you live? Yes, it is cold isn't it. The sun is out a little today thank goodness, haven't seen it in over a week and missed it.
    I thought the OSU was pretty cool, too bad they didn't win the big game. The Grinch snowman was pretty awesome and should have won I think.
    Thanks for your visit.

  9. Really beautiful Madonnas! Happy T day to you too.

  10. Your journal of Madonnas is just fascinating, like Dawn I can't pick a favorite either.
    I always like what Picasso had to say about art.
    Happy T-day

  11. Lovely drawings...I esp love the last one.
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. I love your Madonna art--especially how you allow each one to inspire your creativity. They are very peaceful images to look at. Happy T Day!

  13. They are all beautifully done!
    Very late happy T-Day! :)


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