Friday, March 25, 2011

Indian Art Swap Pages

A watercolor that I painted
which was inspired by
some images of ancient Indian
art works shown in my old
Asian Art History textbook.
I combined ideas from 
two or three works.
Sharpie extra fine point
black marker outlines the images.
I really like the texture created
by the white gel pen semicircles
in the grass...

A photocopy of the
illustration of the head of a sculpture
depicting a queen.
I colorized the photocopy with
chalk pastels, then stamped
over the pastels with watercolor,
and finally 'fixing' the pastels
with cheap hairspray as a fixative.

The atc is a color copy on cardstock
from the watercolor.(top of this post)  The tag is
stamped on scrapbook paper,
and has an Indian proverb
hand-written on the front.
On the back (not shown) I wrote
information about the art I created,
and the art that inspired me.

The back page is covered in cotton fabric,
creating a pocket for both the tag
and the atc.  The red pocket is a
satin-backed crepe, for which I used 
the wrong side of the fabric -- because
I liked the richness of the shiny side.
Hand embroidery, purchased trim, 
and metal embellishment complete
the page.

There was also another page which
was created with a greeting card that
depicted an Indian goddess, but 
since I did no altering to the image
and just embellished with some gold
lace and silk flowers, I do not show it here
to avoid copyright infringement.

The rich colors of these pages
were a lot of fun for me,
and following a theme that
someone else has chosen is
a challenge that helps me grow.


  1. I'm blown away by these pages. I am in total awe of your talent. They are so impressive.

  2. and they are even more beautiful and amazing in person

    thanks so much Dianne!

  3. That pocket is really luscious and pretty. The entire project is really well done and will be loved!


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