Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T Tuesday: Coffee, Pumpkins and Cats

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth today
for "T Tuesday" at Altered Book Lover.
My tall ceramic mug holds the mocha coffee that I love.
Continuing the Halloween theme for October...

The painted boxes are just the paper mache' boxes
that you can purchase from the discount or craft store.
I painted them with acrylics, using vintage-
inspired Halloween designs.  These boxes
 come out every year!  

The black cat mug coaster was a gift from
my daughter-in-law's mom.  It was a cute fall
decoration from her shower.

The white art journal was created from an old book

purchased at the Salvation Army.  The book block
was removed and pages with a variety of papers 
were bound in.  I learned to do this in Mary Ann Moss'
Full Tilt Boogie on-line class.  I enjoyed the class
very much, and love how this journal turned out!
(I believe Mary Ann is having a sale on her classes
right now. Visit Dispatch From LA for info)

I really like the gold and white cover. 
 The book was 'Sacraments of the Church.'
 I added the black felt, beading, and
 an antique button on the cover.
Still working inside the journal...

'Fraidy Cats Welcome'  - below -
for a Haunted House swap in 2011...
old twisted trees are a favorite thing to draw!

Pumpkin head doll -- below --
made from cardboard recycled from
cereal boxes and painted with
acrylic paints.  This guy could be
decorated in a lot of ways.  His
'brother' wears a ghost costume,
but he was unable to appear here today.
--Out haunting I believe!

Recycled cardboard again...
background of gessoed newsprint, stamped
curlicues, various Halloween images that
I drew and painted are collaged onto
the background.  Charcoal darkens the
outside edges.  The old quote reads:

"From ghoulies and ghosties
and long leggity beasties
and other things that go
bump in the night,
good Lord deliver us."

May you be delivered from any 
hauntings of the scary variety, and
be blessed with a colorful, cozy Fall!


  1. How fun your Halloween posts are, so happy that you are doing them. The one posted below was so awesome!! It's great to see someone is enjoying the season/holiday so much, keep sharing it please!!

    Love everything here, so creative you are and many things to enjoy. I know a couple years ago there was a Halloween blog hop during October, not sure who did it? I bet you would fit in with them.

    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy T day to you!

  2. Great art journal!! I love unique covers such as that. Fun fall items...
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. There is so much Halloween cuteness in your post! I'm loving all the black cats and pumpkinheads. Happy T Day!

  4. I just got home from having lunch with Sally and saw this. I love those pumpkins, and of course the haunted house. Did you remember you made one especially for me? I love it, still. Would you mind if I used it in a tea post sometime this month? It would be part of my Halloween book.

    I also want to make one of those dolls. May have to stop avoiding the basement and get to work on Halloween images (grin). You are SUCH an inspiration. Thanks for sharing these with us for T today.

  5. You really transformed those plain boxes into something to enjoy again and again each year dear Dianne!
    your MAMoss book is WOW...
    Thank you for sharing that along with the links...I am headed that way

  6. I wanted to tell you (since you asked) that my new camera is truly that color.

  7. Elizabeth- that is awesome...a purple camera!


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