Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Artist Trading Cards - Halloween Edition

Artist Trading Cards from past years...
'Murder of Crows'  -- 2012.

I think this may be my favorite --
'Old Crow'  -- 2008.

I see a theme emerging...  From year to year,
a vintage-style pumpkin is featured in them all.
Above, a tri-fold atc.

Inside the tri-fold.

Another version of the Goblin Queen.

Above, vintage-style pumpkin with
witch's hat -- 2007.

Above, 'Jolly Halloween' -- 2006

Above, another 'Jolly Halloween' -- 2008.
I drew and painted the pumpkin with
watercolors. Background is scrapbook paper.
Button 'moon' and sequin leaves dangle
from embroidery thread.

I love old vintage-style Halloween decorations.
Do you decorate for Halloween?
Do you like vintage, cute or scary?


  1. Great ATCs! I decorate more for Autumn than Halloween, but the few things I have do go more towards cute.

  2. I've always thought that "a murder" of crows was an awfully gruesome name for a grouping.
    Love the ATC's!

  3. Here I was practically begging you for these posts, then turn up missing when you show these awesome ATCs. I'm a BIG fan of your pumpkins. They are always fun to see, no matter what year you created them.

    You know me. I don't "do" cute!


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