Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween!
Above is a card that I made using ideas from
a book titled Outstanding Mini Albums by Jessica Acs.
I drew and cut out all of the elements myself,
rather than using pre-made scrapbook items.

I saw these spooky eyes on the internet
and thought they were fun! 
The negative space suggests the eyes...
just orange card stock glued onto black
with white gel pen highlights...

I drew pumpkins on orange card stock, mounted them
on patterned card stock, then glued the outside
edges onto the card to make a pocket.
The name on the card is covered by the scrap
of black, just temporarily for this post...

I am very pleased with the way the tag
turned out. Skull drawn on white card
stock, cut out & glued onto black;
 white gel pen border,
and various hole punch dots from
card stock for the polka dots.

Unfortunately I do not know the designer for these cute
Halloween sculptures.  I purchased them at a very reduced
price at a flea market.  They are probably 'seconds' or
overstock, but I love their whimsy!

Above, my Halloween boxes on top of the 
inevitable electronics.  The reproduction sculpture of
Egyptian queen Nefertiti (I had a thing for Egyptian art in college-
and it's never gone away!) has been crowned with a witch's hat.
My son-in-law thought it was really weird to have a black
sculpture of a head in the house. My daughter just said
"It's an art thing."
It was my son-in-law's idea to add the hat...
I liked it!

Some of the pincushions I've made. These are some
that look a bit "fall-ish."   I really like the
blackbirds, which I adapted from a Prairie Schooler 
pattern.  There are a lot of cross stitch pieces in my house!
The pear-shaped pincushion in the upper right came from
a free pattern on the Samplers and Santas blog.

Nefertiti looks lovely in her hat...don't you agree?!

Just had to include one art journal page...

Linking up with T Tuesday today, over at
Altered Book Lover's blog.  

And adding my 'virtual' tea mug...

Thanks so much to all who visited the
Notforgotten Farm blog to vote for my 
penny rug bag! (#4) Voting ends on Halloween,
so there's still time if you haven't stopped by. There are many
wonderful primitive cross stitch designs in her shop,
and a terrific assortment of Finishes of this 
Halloween pattern!
Hope you have a colorful and delightful
Halloween...watch out for chocolate!
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Happy Halloween to you, thanks so much for sharing all month long with us. I have enjoyed each post and this one ROCKS!! Those tags you've made are so awesome. Way to go on doing all the work/detail on them.
    The decorations look great too, love the black head and hat.
    Have a lovely T day!

  2. I did go and vote for you. There are some cute things there, creative and fun. Good luck!

  3. Oh my those eyes are great!! So simple yet so effective!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Wow love the Halloween cards especially The Eyes! Fab decorations too. Happy T day!

  5. I know how you like to go all out for Halloween, and I'm always thrilled to see what you make each year. Of course, I adore those sculptures, but I especially LOVE your travel mug!! Wish I had one of my own (grin).

    Thanks so much for joining Bleubeard and me for T today.

  6. Nefertiti looks wonderful in her new hat! I really enjoyed seeing all of your Halloween pieces. The whimsical sculptures are really adorable, too!

  7. LOL Great post, love the hat! I just don't decorate much anymore. Christmas is about it, and I have tons for all the holidays! Your tag is wonderful and those spooky eyes are great.
    Thanks for the visit.

  8. Thank you for sharing such a fun packed Halloween post Dianne!
    You are very creative in so many special ways...
    Happy Halloween

  9. Full on post there Dianne - Happy Halloween - it happens tomorrow for us in OZ - my daughter is excited even though we don't actually celebrate it.... Thanks for popping by for T - Mxx

  10. Dianne, where do you find the quotes you use in your journal pages? I always enjoy reading them. Have a happy Halloween!!

  11. Cute! I just had to say I love that quote on your journal page!! :)

  12. You have great Halloween decorations! Thanks for the tip on the spooky eyes...I will have to share them with my girls!

  13. Those Halloween sculptures are awesome! I would have them on display year-round.


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