Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing Box and other Tuesday Necessities

We just returned from Tennessee
for a visit with our son and his family.
It was so nice to see them all!
Art Journal page, above, about
the road trip home. (click for a larger view)
Lots of fall color...

My son has worked for Southern Star Wood Display Cases, which
creates custom display boxes.  Above, is a gorgeous hardwood
 sewing box designed for stitchers to keep all their necessities.

The lid shown is glass, but can be ordered with wood
instead.  That lid would be the ideal place to mount one
of those cross stitch samplers that I love so much!
The lining fabric can be ordered in a number of colors.
The rectangle on the right is a pincushion with a 
hardwood base.  Again...I can see it covered with a
sampler that matches the lid!  

The tray holds spools or embroidery floss bobbins...
You can go to Southern Star Wood Display Cases on Facebook
 to find out more about ordering a custom
sewing box, or any other display box.  Many of their customers
use them to display firearms, knives,  relics, and other collectibles.

Of course, I keep visualizing the box filled with patterns,
 thread, scissors, needle keep and a pincushion!

One of our area radio stations has begun their annual
playing of Christmas music-- I am not ready!
...but it IS a good time to start Christmas shopping...

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth
at Altered Book Lover for T Tuesday, with my virtual mug...
inspired by my snowman mug.  What journaling
should I add to the page?  

Someone asked where I get my quotes.
I just type into my browser
"quotes about ________."
Fill in the blank with whatever topic you'd like,
and then choose your favorites...

Be sure to visit Elizabeth, and also
Southern Star Wood Display Cases!
Happy Fall!


  1. That is a beautiful box. I thought it was a jewelry box before I read about the pin cushion and other things it will hold. Sounds like you know what you are going to put in (and on) yours.

    I was a bit surprised to read that some people keep firearms in them. My firearm is in a lock box. I would be afraid if it was on display, it would be an easy target for theft. But it sounds like a great way to display collectibles.

    I love your drawing this week. I agree with your statement about missing them more right after a visit. It is true for me, too, even though I am just visiting friends.

    Thanks for joining T today. As always, you have a very unique and interesting post.

  2. Your journal page is gorgeous and I also like the virtual mug. My mother had a sewing box similar to the one you have. She wouldn't let me touch it . It had her best scissors and pins in it. She displayed it on her Singer treadle sewing machine. Funny how your post just brought back a beautiful memory of my mom.
    Thank you

  3. hard to believe christmas is just around the corner. Lovely mug drawing!
    Happy T to you,

  4. Your journal page is beautiful--your handwriting is so neat! I have a similar snowman mug that I take out near Christmas. They are already showing holiday movies on TV...much too early for me, too!

  5. Lovely sewing box, almost too pretty to be used, which is silly, we should use the pretty things as well.

  6. Happy T Day! Your illustrated snowman mug is so sweet. Very appropriate for the colder weather we've been having.

  7. Snow where like home...I should think! I google everything! it's surprising what you can find out that you didn't know you wanted to knowHappy T Day!


  8. I really enjoyed visiting your place online here today, and seeing the artwork during the visit with your son's family in Tennessee!

    You're inspiring me to start drawing again :) I can see where you son gets his gift of craftmanship - the sewing box looks beautiful, too :) Thanks so much for opening the door to your place today - it's been a lovely visit! :)

  9. That's a really cool sewing box! I love all kinds of boxes and storage stuff, of course, and that is very pretty. Sweet holiday cup, too. :) Happy T-Day. :)

  10. Such a beautiful sewing box. I can't totally see cross-titch under glass...that would be perfect!
    Glad you got to visit your son!
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  11. Your art journal page from the trip home is beautiful...you must have the most gorgeous art journal to flip through and enjoy!

  12. beautiful journal page and mug sketching! That box is so finely crafted. Even though I started some xmas cards (so I won't be scrambling last minute like last year) I am in no way ready for the music or the bitter cold!

  13. Hello, sorry I'm a day late. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful art pages with us, love them. I'm sad after visits too. What a cute mug, I love snowmen. That box is pretty cool too, I think my mom may have had something like that too. Will have to ask her.
    Thanks for the tip on finding quotes, I didn't ask but always wondered.
    Have a great day.

  14. Thanks to everyone for all the compliments on the sewing box! It's Always nice to hear from people about how they feel about our products! I would also like everyone to know that we can modify this design to make it bigger or smaller according to your needs! We also have a huge assortment of display cases that you can look at on our web page. WWW.Wooddisplaycases.com
    or our Etsy page ideasnwood for more crafty items! We love custom Work to so if there is something that you would like or an idea you have that you want us to bring to life contact us on the website!


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