Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Layers of Documented Life

The Documented Life Project~the Journal,
is focusing on Layers this month.  Above,
the art journal spread for pages that were
to have five layers (or more) built up to
create the final art piece.

1.) I began by adhering different types
 of paper to the pages, including 
vintage book text and illustrations, 
ledger paper, and 
security envelope designs.

2.) A thin layer of gesso paint went on
next. I left the illustrations 'as-is' 
 just because I liked them that way.

3.) Now some fabric bits, more book text,
and a scrap of painted paper.

4.) Acrylic and watercolor paint were
added, and some small bits of embroidery.
The colors contrast with
 the black and white illustrations

The final layer is Sharpie pen.  I try to
repeat motifs from elsewhere in the 
composition into the pen work. The flower
drawings are repeated from 
the fabric scraps.

The words that came out
onto the page point up the
difference from the 'sweet' colors
and vintage illustrations.  

"In 2015 it seems that there is nothing left
to privacy any more...from television
commercials discussing our most
intimate bodily functions, to Tweets and
internet posts--nothing seems to be
off limits or Too Much Information!?
When did we trade our Dignity for money
and a consuming desire for attention?
(she said as she prepared to 
post her art work on-line)"

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday party, and sharing yet 
another coffee cup drawing...

Wishing you a lovely St. Patrick's Day
with lots of Irish Luck, shades of
green, and sunshine!


  1. I actually felt like you were talking to me, because I often say my life is an open book and I don't try to put on a public face and hide a private face. Then I laughed and laughed when I read your final thought for the page!

    I do tend to agree that intimate and personal issues should be kept offline, but if I'm asked something point blank online, I'll answer it. Guess that's why I don't do any of those other social media outlets, other than my blog.

    You did a wonderful job showing these five layers. Very impressive and quite unique. I always like when you add fabric scraps to your journals.

    Right now I'm going to join you for a cup of that acid. I'm addicted to it, and it sounds like you are, too (grin).

    Your Celtic decorations are gorgeous. I'm SO glad you shared them with us.

    Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday with your layered DLP spread, your lovely Celtic drawings, and your cup of acid!

  2. Super step by step for your great journal pages Dianne and I couldn't agree more.
    I often CRINGE when some of the commercials come on and wonder what it would be like to have a young one in the house that would be asking questions about it all hah
    Happy T Day
    Happy St Paddy's Day to ya
    oxo Patty (maiden name Mahoney ;-) )

  3. fantasic pages- great to see your progress!
    Love all the step by step !
    The celtic decorations are fab as well!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T-Day !

    (froebelsternchen chicken's apron is black gesso and the cup is drawn with chalk pastel.)


  4. You have reflected my sentiments to a "T" in these pages. Too much information?....you bet!!

    LOVE how you stepped out you progress with each layer.

    My stomach rumbles the very same thing every morning....LOL

    Happy T-day my friend!!

  5. Love you journal page. I love your style. Privacy... a thing of the past...sigh..So glad you joined us for tea. Hugs! deb

  6. Your page is very beautiful and I agree with your sentiments over the advertising, many of them are decidedly cringe-worthy me thinks.
    I like your coffee cup and the Celtic patterns are wonderful. Happy T Day :o))

  7. wonderful journal spread Dianne and I love your Celtic inspired drawings! Happy T day and a happy St. Patty's day too!

  8. My stomach likes coffee as much as my mouth does, so I'm good. I think your celtic cross is lovely. Happy T(ea) Tuesday :)

  9. I do love my cups of acid too much to give them up, too! Loved seeing the layers as you built them up. I don't like all the negativity everywhere--the insult comedy, the hate & vengeance dramas...not to mention what flies around on the internet. And I don't care for everyone's sex lives being discussed in detail everywhere I turn, either. TMI for me...*says the lady posting about sewing cloth feminine pads". ROFL! ;) ;) Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Love seeing all the different layers that make up your journal pages today :)

  11. Beautiful artwork! And spot-on observations : ).

  12. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW, your layers are so good, I liked reading about each one and seeing it progress, well done friend. The end result looks beautiful and the words gave me a chuckle in agreement.
    The acid remark made me chuckle again and the drawing is so good.
    Celtic drawings were well done as well.

    I'm afraid the DLP is going so well for me, I stress too much again and haven't started fresh. I want to do this so much and enjoy yours and Susan's, hoping to join in again and just go for it and not worry about how good it looks right.

    Hope you are staying warm enough, the cooler temps again are not what I wanted right now. But, it is nice to see the ground again instead of snow.

    Enjoy your week.

  13. Thank you for sharing all the step by step layers. Your journal page is not only beautiful but also there is so much to think on the lines you have written over the layears.
    Have a great week

  14. Seeing your process sheds a whole new light on your journal pages for me.
    I'm in agreement with the TMI that is shouted out everywhere we turn. But yes...like you...I still post. Although I don't believe I've ever read and TMI on your blog. :)

  15. I LOVE your Art, LOVE your post and really love the comment about NO MORE BOUNDARIES (as she prepares to post her ART online) Grin. Yes it is a dilema, and I agree we need more boundaries, less "I am the centre of the Universe" and more being REAL with real people (as I develope another on-line friendship group for Tuesdays) Big Giant Smile! I am a newbie to T-Day and I will be BACK! Grin

  16. Hello again,

    I got your happy mail!! Love the card and ATC so much, thank you. Your art and creative collage is so good. LOVE them both!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the mail I sent you too. Washi tape can be so fun.

    Have a good week and stay warm. HUGS!


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