Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Documenting Life in Layers

"Words with art friends."
I recorded phrases that I've heard from
art friends when we get together, from
blogger friends, and 
things I've said to them as well...
Let's face it. Friends make life a
lot more fun! This is a spread in my
Documented Life Project journal, and the
challenge was 'Writing -- Words with friends.'

"What lies beneath?"
The challenge was to use 'under-paper' from
your work table. Since I was away on vacation,
I used some paper that I had painted on
with my granddaughter, in addition to
other elements.

"When not to stop."
The month of February is all about layering.
Don't stop 'til you get enough...I liked this quote:
"A painting is never finished, it simply stops 
in interesting places."
This collage was influenced by the colors and
textures of the beach.

"Going undercover 1."
Sometimes you have to cover up portions of
an art piece that you like. Maybe it doesn't 
work with the rest of the piece, or maybe 
you are looking for the depth created by
many layers.  In this case, I decided to do
two separate pages instead of one spread.
Above, materials include origami paper,
painted paper, watercolor and Sharpie pen,
Asian calendar illustration, white gel pen,
and a hand-colored photocopy.

"Going undercover 2."  Layers:
1. Watercolor background
2.  highlighters and colored pen
3. cream acrylic paint 
4. book text and assorted design/painted papers
5. more watercolor (black ovals and shading)
 and Sharpie pen
I admit that vacation put me a bit behind on
the challenges, but I will take time this week
to get caught up on the three that are
--Repeating elements
--Use at least 5 layers
--Mark Making as a layer element

Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday, 
and posting a sketch from several years ago
 of my white nondescript coffee mug and
 thin bagel. Visit E. to see 
what the other participants are
sharing today, and what
 beverage they're drinking!

I'm also thinking about the annual
International Fake Journal Month
project coming up in April.  You can
see my Fake Journal from 2014 here.
I'm thinking about who my character 
should be, and how much time I will be
able to spend on a journal page each day.
So far, I've been a student of Japanese art,
a Shaman, and a cake decorator/event planner.
What should I be next?

If you think you might be interested in doing
a Fake Journal this year, click on the 
pink bulldog logo in the sidebar to go to
Roz Stendahl's IFJM blog.  It's a lot of fun
and you can pretend to be anyone you want to!


  1. Oh Dianne. I adore "What lies beneath," and "When to stop." The colors, the compositions, the way the artwork flows, makes me smile. I think either of these could hang in an art gallery and command a ton of money.

    I had a comment about your layers, but deleted it. Let's just say, I was super impressed with the first three pictures (and spreads).

    I still like that mug and fork. Very impressive fork! I would join your fake journal club, but April is the month I make recycled art. Maybe I could be a trash can and show everything people throw away (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your lovely spreads, your mug, and your layers with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. WOWEE so much yummy artwork to enjoy from your journals Dianne!
    Fun pages with words from friends...
    "Your artwork makes me smile" says it for me definitely.
    Lucky friends that get to see your artwork up close and personal too.
    Happy T Day to ya

  3. Fantastic pages and drawings Dianne!
    Happy T.Day!

  4. Wow-you are on a roll with your DLP pages-they are fantastic! I love the first one with the lines and blocks of colors, and the third one with the abstract feel. Lovely sketches too. Happy T day!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful, vibrant, colorful art!

    It was fun following your fake journal last year--looking forward to this year!

  6. I like variety in my coffee cups, and there's always a place for a plainer style. A simple breakfast suits me fine :) Happy T Tuesday

  7. Enjoyed your pages and appreciate that you talked about the different layers. Very interesting. Have to look at the Fake Journal posts.


  8. OMG Dianne! You have blown me away with all the art this week.
    Each piece is so unique and special, but the "what do you see I the clouds" is fantastic, I fell in love with it as soon as it hit the screen!

    I remember your fake journal from last year, very clever indeed. This year? How about Tea Goddess, World traveler, oh the list could go forever.....LOL
    Looking forward to what you choose. Think I'll hop over the fake journal challenge and maybe join you in the challenge.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog......yes I have been enjoying my "wine spot"....but with coffee and water!!

  9. I love all your artwork Dianne but i have to say 'When not to Stop' really pulls me in. Love it. You sure are keeping yourself busy with the challenges! Happy Tday to you! Hugs! deb

  10. You are so dedicated and your work is evolving so much. I really love your fake journals! And Roz is fabbo.

  11. Love all of the yummy art this week!!! Thanks for sharing ♥♥♥♥

  12. Your collages are fantastic. Using what you have laying around can be a fun challenge.

  13. Those are beautiful! I love how colourful the first few pages are :)


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