Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Swap Pages

I belatedly realized that I had not posted
the swap pages that I had made for Halle.
Her color-theme was blue. Above,
A bluebird in watercolor and
Sharpie pen with spattered background.

A quote and some fabric bits
on acrylic, watercolor background
with chalk pastel accents.

Two tags in a fabric pocket,and
a doodle border in watercolor.

Above, little boy image from a collage sheet
on a background of fabric.  I used a circle-punch
to create the scalloped border with fabric and paper.
Blue is one of my favorites, so I had lots of
paper and fabric to choose from!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week in the U.S.
I wish everyone a wonderful holiday.
May we remember to be truly thankful.

"The most important things in life
are not things."
~Helen Keller


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, dear friend. I also like blue, so that was an easy color for me. I especially like the bird. It's awesome. These are a lovely addition to Halle's book.


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