Friday, December 2, 2011

Journal Pages: All Sorts

Journal page resulting from
a tempera paint session with 
the grandchildren, ages 2 and 6.
They really enjoyed it, and so did I!
Combined my painted doodles with
magazine images, fabric 
and pen work.

Some of my pages are for sketches
or notes.  Above, some ideas for
necklace 'beads' and wrist cuffs.
Ethiopian prayer box beads are 
made of metal, but I think 
a fabric version with beads and
quilting could be quite interesting...

Notes from a book from the library.
You can click on the image to enlarge and
read the notes.  Sometimes I find that books
for 'young people' make the concepts 
much more understandable, and
therefore more enjoyable.

Above, another sketch from a library book.
I believe it was about Irish art. 
This portrays a book shrine, in which
manuscripts were housed. Some were 
wood covered with metal.  Stylized motifs
of spirals, trumpet patterns, crosses,
winged beings, people and birds
decorated these shrines.  Icons and
saints were often portrayed.
Shrines were also made to house relics
reputed to be associated with a saint
or religious person.  I just admire the
beauty and devotion which these
pieces represent...perhaps
inspiration for a 'shrine' to house
an art journal?


  1. These Pages are SO impressive. I can't believe how much I like that first photo. I have never worked with tempera paint, and have never even seen it. I HAVE heard it stinks, though.

    So, originality sets art apart from craft. Pretty hard to do these days, since apparently there is nothing new under the sun. Only new products and techniques.

    Love these pages. Your journal is awesomely awesome!

  2. Wow! Your work is so diverse. Love how you take notes...mine look more like chicken scratches. Maybe if I colored a bit around them they'd look better. :)


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