Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Turkey Tuesday


It is again time to prepare for a 
new year of journaling. 
My 2024 Hobonichi has arrived!

It is always a surprise how 
small my A6 Hobonichi English Planner
starts out in the new year...
no wrinkled pages from
watercolor and pen, no
added thickness from tipped-in
pages or collages. You'd think
I would be used to it by now, 
after eight years using this Planner!

Pictured above, just a month and
a half left to go in the 2023 journal.
The 2024 journal, beneath it, has
"new" Tomoe River paper in it.
From what I can piece together from
on-line articles, a new company has
taken over the TR paper, using
new machinery, and a slightly different
method/recipe. Apparently the old
machinery was just worn out.  I'm 
hoping for a similar result with the 
new paper, but we shall see. Paper
quality does affect the ease/results
of art work quite a bit!

Drawing mushrooms this month for
the Hobonichi Challenge (Instagram)
My Instagram is: 

Even if you are not on Instagram, I believe you
can still view my posts on your computer
at this address, as my profile is Public.
Just click on the link above, and hopefully
my posts will come up.  (Tech challenged
senior here, trying to keep up!)

Also checking in with some old friends today
for T Tuesday,

featuring my mocha coffee in
the photo above. I love this Debbie Mumm
 snowman cup...I use it year-round!
It's a rainy Tuesday here in Ohio today, so
a warm beverage is a plus.

Wishing everyone who celebrates
Thanksgiving this week, a warm
and wonderful day with family
and friends! 


  1. WOW! Just yesterday I thought I weigh my journal at the end of the year and the fresh one as the new one looks so "slim" - no comparison to yours, though!!! Awww, love the Count! And your handwriting is so pretty, too! Greetings from Braunschweig!

  2. Hi Dianne, my journals are all 'deformed', but I love them. I write andx draw something ever night before I go to sleep, but this is a private journal just for me! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  3. It's great to see you back Dianne. I want you to know you inspired me about 5 years ago to get a Hobonichi. I loved it. Then I tried switching one year and I am back to the Hobonichi. Mine gets fat too, and I add tabs so I can flip easily between months. Journaling is such fun, and thanks for inspiration. (I thought I should mention that since Thanksgiving is just a blink away.) Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  4. Love your creativity! The journaling I do is boring compared to yours; it's mostly written words and maybe some pictures and videos. I'm hopeless with drawing or painting :-(
    Hope your new journal is just as good as your old one.

  5. Ditto on the Wow with Iris. You journals are amazing. I was able to see some on your IG but then after a a minute I was prompted to sign in. I love your drawings. They are so fresh and exciting. I invite you to join me for Friday Face OFF on my blog. Have a lovely day today.

  6. I love how the journal is filled with life and gets bulkier by the week.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Fun to see the virgin journal and to imagine all the things you will fill it up with. Cute snowman mug. I'd use that year round, too. Happy T Day

  8. Love to see someone elses art journal Diane... Its always a thrill to see the ArtJournal Kickstarter book on your sidebar as my art is in there too!! HappyT day! Hugs! deb

  9. I hope this new journal will get as fool as the actual one will be to the end of the year. Never heard about a Hobonichi :-).
    All the best and happy T-day

  10. Your pages are, such a delight! I was considering a Hobonichi for my planner this year but can't find a format I like so will stick with Muji! Good to see you here with your lovely mug! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  11. Sorry I'm late visiting your T Tuesday post. I caught a bug that knocked me out. Belated Thanksgiving wishes, too. I feel bad that it has been so long since you joined us for T and here I am late visiting you.

    I'm amazed at the difference between those two journals. That's amazing. I went to your Instagram page and was reminded I had planned to make you a Halloween tip-in. Sadly, it didn't happen.

    Your mug is adorable and I enjoyed reading all your pages. You eat out a LOT!! Thanks for sharing your mocha coffee, that adorable mug, your pages in your journal, and your new journal with us for T this week, dear friend.

    I got a "failed to publish." It's bad enough I was late visiting!! Not sure when you will see this.

  12. Hi Dianne, I finally solved the problem I had last week where I couldn't log in to comment. I love your journal, it looks amazing and I can't believe how fat it is!


  13. Dear Dianne,
    Your journal pages are so magical and lovingly designed!

    All the best and a happy week, Traude


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