Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Hobonichi Journal Pages


It appears that we've had a
short Spring and moved directly
into Summer! Almost 80 degrees
Fahrenheit predicted for today
in Ohio!

A quick sketch of some of the 
violets in our yard, before 
mowing must commence.

My Hobonichi is my day planner,
documenting the small moments,
appointments, thoughts, and
life in general.

We were sick for most of the 
month of April, and into May.

Lots of journal pages document
how miserable I felt.
We are slowly on the mend,

but I broke down and went to the 
doctor.  My allergies just would
not let me kick the cough, so had
to get a prescription. I think it's

I am still being faithful to journal
in my little Hobonichi A6 (about 4" x 6")
Some days have quite a bit of writing, 
and some days it is mostly doodling.

Post Proof that I am alive and well,
even though I have neglected this
blog shamefully.  If you are on
Instagram, you can find me there:

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