Sunday, July 24, 2022

I'm Still Journaling Daily


 I've also been doing the Index Card a Day

Challenge created by Daisy Yellow.  Here are

some of last week's:

It's been abnormally busy for us the last couple of weeks! Lots of family adventures.
- Went on the Donut Trail in Butler County, OH. We visited 10 Donut shops in 2 days!
-Visited the Dayton Air Force Museum
- Son and his family visited for a week, and our son painted our house! 
- Lots of good meals with friends and family
- Trees were cut down and wood stacked
-Back to school shopping
- Games and puzzles were enjoyed
-Time with Art Buddies
-A good report at the Doctor's office
- Cutting up branches downed in our yard from storms
- Journaling and sketching
- Helped put up gutters and downspouts in 90 degree F temps and survived without injuries! (there may have been some crankiness, and some bandaids applied,but that's understandable) and LOTS of soreness...
- A nice dip in a swimming pool, and yummy pizza
- Today I'm picking up peaches from The Peach Truck, so we will be having "peach everything" for a couple of weeks

Whew! Still plenty of things to work on around the house, but I think the predicted rain may give us some time to rest. But Laundry. It's never ending...

Below, find a link to a short video of some of my Hobonichi pages.  Hope I did this correctly and you can access it!

Still over here journaling and drawing

every day...

...and stitching.

I hope your summer has been going well,

and you're staying cool!

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  1. Love your many creations! Looks like you have been busy and enjoying your summer. Congrats on all you have gotten done. :)


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