Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Story of My Life

A revisit of the journal page style that
I've used quite a lot over the years:
watercolor background, acrylic paints, collage
and mark-making on the borders. I 
like to juxtapose colors and texture.
Then combine with a quote that I like.

Hobonichi pages, not in order, of our 
daily happenings.  Sometimes the colorful
painted papers cover personal things 
that I don't want to share. Other times they
are just there as a border or for color.

Yes, I even talk to myself and remind
myself in these pages what I need to do
to have a better health check-up next time.
I've gained weight over the Pandemic.
Anyone else?

I tend to draw a coffee cup on most
every page...

and lots of doodles.

Mostly daily uninteresting stuff...

but also enjoying the ability to get out
and do some things that we've missed
over the last few months.

Hope you've had the opportunity to 
spend time with people you love,
and maybe even enjoy an 
ice-cream cone!
Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. The story of YOUR life is so much more interesting and colorful than mine. I am worried about your cyst, though. I'll gladly join you for a Hershey's ice cream cone! Stay safe and have fun with your art group, dear.

  2. I love your pages Dianne and your gorgeous use of color and doodle. You inspired me this weekend and now I'm determined to do another of those sheets of doodles and colors. Mine don't look like yours exactly, but they are so fun to do. Hugs my friend!

  3. It must be such fun to go back over these journals years later! A delight. :)


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