Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swap Pages

Here are some swap pages that I received
from a private swap that I'm in.  My theme
is Mexican folk art, and these lovely
pages were created by Kathy.
Kathy doesn't have a blog of 
her own, so I am showing them here.
There is also gold glitter that doesn't
show up in this scan,
and there are charms 
dangling on the right side.

The fiesta page is covered with squares
of tissue paper, just like a pinata.
The tissue flower and paper 'candy'
make this a fun page!

Kathy included a
 quote by Frida Kahlo:
"I paint self-portraits because 
I am so often alone, and
because I am the person
I know best."

Kathy's decorated skull doodled in black pen,
and lovely black feathers with ribbon
and beads in the corner.
Thank you Kathy!  These will be
wonderful additions to my book.

I plan to show the other pages I've received
when I get them put together as a book.
In the meantime, I have pages with 
sunflowers to create for the
next 'round' of the swap!


  1. Lucky you! Great pages that Kathy created for you. I'm intrigued by the tissue paper squares, great background, it's really difficult to have a favorite page....they are all wondrful!

  2. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog! You are deep into the art journal medium -- maybe someday I will be, too! I am so glad you visited my blog and entered my OWOH giveaway! Enjoy the rest of the event!

  3. Kathy did a super job with these pages. It's always hard when someone has to step into a spot, but I felt she did an excellent job. I'm glad you like these pages, because I see some of Gina's hand in them.


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