Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Journal Potential

More pages in the scrappy
Green Journal...
A word of Potential:  "If"

Crumpled paper sprayed with
Glimmer Mists.  A color copy of
a drawing from a previous art journal,
and a quote from the song
"Closing Time" 
by Semisonic...

Scraps of photos
left over from a scrapbook
made after last year's trip
to Panama City Beach.
Brings back memories of
the soothing sound of waves,
and the gentle colors of
sand and water...
just what I need after
all the snow of this winter!


  1. Wow, your scraps of photos are wonderful. I like that crumpled paper effect. pretty.

  2. I love what you are doing with this journal!

  3. I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. As always, I love what you are doing in your journal. It makes me happy to see you are still working in it.

    BTW, I hope you are enjoying yourself these days. Being stuffed up is not a good way to be right now.

    Remember when I said I was "borrowing" a quote from you? I'll have it ready later this week.

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