Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Road Trip Journal Pages

Road Trip art journal pages...
yes, I've been drawing while riding
in a moving car. These two pages were
prepared with watercolor wash, then a
second watercolor layer to create the
rectangle grids on the page.  Above,
a finished page...well, maybe I will
tweek it a bit?

Above, the second Road Trip page, still in progress.
I have yet to write about the massive traffic jam we
got caught in, on KY I-65.  Three and a half
hours later, we finally got free.  Whose idea was it
to choke three lanes of traffic down to one lane
due to road construction?  I normally wouldn't complain
but thought this was excessive, and sent an email
complaint to the KY Dept. of Highways.

Above, my Documented Life Project page for Week 20:
use a stamp in an unusual way.  I used vintage buttons to
stamp into polymer clay, then sewed them to the page.

My Fake Journal 2014 has been completed and bound.
You can see the final product at
I hope you will stop by!

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday party,
and reviving another coffee mug page...
having my daily coffee with chocolate,
and looking at the rainy day through
my window. At least it isn't snow!

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  1. You can draw and paint in a moving car? I think that is beyond my talents. BTW, your linky thing at Elizabeth's isn't working this morning. Don't want others to miss out on your post. I do like your tea page, enlarged it to read it better.


  2. First, your link goes directly to MY blog post, so as soon as I leave a comment, I'll go add the correct link.

    I remember the days when I used to take road trips and have picnics in rest areas. What a fond memory.

    I also remember breaking down near Paduka, KY one year (yep, I-65). Cost me an arm and a leg to get a new alternator installed. Took them two days, too. Could have done it myself in one day if I'd been home. Not a fond memory.

    Really enjoyed the road trip, even with all the bumps and splats. Love ZZ Top, too. Thanks for sharing for T this Tuesday.

  3. I love your grid pages and drawings and admire you for being able to do that in a moving car. I can barely look at a map in a car without beginning to get a bit queasy. Great colorful Life pages too! Happy T day!

  4. You just never cease to amaze and delight me with your drawings Dianne!
    I could never draw in a moving car and would be over the moon to draw half as well as you sitting still :)
    Thank you for sharing these pages...
    Hope you had a happy T day

  5. I enjoyed seeing your journal pages. Always so full of color and fabulous details. Since I am usually driving, I don't get any art done in the car, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your art today!

  6. I love how you documented your road trip. The layers of watercolor paint look great.

    I took a peek at your fake journal posts, too. With all those decorating ideas, I think you really could be a cake decorator. New career option! :)

    Happy T Day!

  7. I LOVE love love the delicacy of the drawings on your pages. I have tried doodling while riding in a car, but I have been unsuccessful!

  8. Hello Dianne, sorry I'm late for Tea. So happy your sharing art journal pages again, can't get enough of them. I love grids, for anything and anytime!! These are so awesome and I can't believe you did them in the car, not sure I'm that talented, lol.
    We had rain here too but looks like sun will come back soon but first more rain, YUCK!! It is better then snow though you are so right about that!!
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing with us.
    p.s. I would go nuts if stuck in that traffic jam, thankfully it's never happened to me but has to others I know. My bladder would have not made it that long.

  9. now that sounds like the perfect souvenir, drawings made in the car :)

    coffee with chocolate makes everything better. well, almost everything.

  10. Wow, not only would I not be able to draw in the car, I would also get car sick from taking my eyes to the page. Beautiful work!

  11. I'm super behind in getting to everyone this week. Too many things going on!
    Love your journals as always. That traffic jam sounds like a nightmare!

  12. Boy, am I ever late!! Lovely artwork. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)


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