Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art Journal Pages~ Beverage Edition

Some art journal pages for Elizabeth's T party
on Tuesday...visit Altered Book Lover to
see what it's all about!

Above, you may notice a collage (on the right)
 that I previously made for T Tuesday.  
I glued it across the gutter of two pages in 
one of my journals.  I added another 
tea bag wrapper in yellow, and the 
actual tea bag. I was delighted when
the tag was pink!

I also added some sparkly lemonade on the left--
literally sparkly. It is from a Valentine that a dear
friend sent...and also is a lovely pink!

I repeated the design from the security envelope
paper (in the collage) by drawing more of
 the 'hash marks' onto the pages.
 Repeating a design element
helps unify the pages.

Above, a page that sat for months
with only the bird glued to the page.
The kleenex box leaves seemed to work,
and the page came together...

Below, a collage from ephemera--
most of which I did not draw.  I 
added the white cloud and some of
the black flowers. Stickers and 
scraps of printed images make 
quick collage.

Above and below, a sketch of a bluebird from a
photo in Birds and Blooms magazine...

This page also sat for months with just the
bird drawing on it.  For this, I think it 
waited until I had scraps in the 'right' colors
before I was ready to finish it...

The Wrap-Up is posted on
for my Fake Journal 2014.
Hope you will stop by...

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  1. Hi Dianne, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sketch of the bluebird from Blooms magazine. It's just stunning. Thanks for sharing!! Happy T-day!

  2. I got Birds and Blooms for one year and loved it. When my basement flooded one year, they all got wet and had to be trashed. Your drawing is superb.

    I really like the tea bag and envelope, and those two jars of cherry drink on the left side of the spread. Of course, I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, since I like them all.

    I usually have a spread in mind, as well as all the pieces for it, when I start something in an AB. But I admire that you can put your pages aside and wait for the perfect image or idea to transpire.

    Thanks for sharing this art with us for T this week. BTW, I admit again how fooled I was as to who you were in your fake journal.

  3. beautiful bright colors on your pages and that bluebird sketch is gorgeous!! Happy T day.

  4. Wonderful collage pages with so many special touches...those sparkling lemonade bottles were really winking at me!
    I also adore your birdie sketch with the perfect quote...
    thank you for sharing your inspiring creativity dear Dianne...
    Happy T Day to you

  5. Great pages. (I've had that tissue box!) Love the bluebird sketch. Happy T-Day! :)

  6. These pages are beautiful Dianne. I love the tea bag page especially.
    Happy T Day to you.

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed seeing your collages. I think the bird sketch and all the different quotes are my favorite bits. Oh, and now I'm thirsty for pink lemonade. :) Happy T Day!

  8. You have a lot of patience to put your pages away until you find just the right embellishments! I really like the tea collage and how you added it to your journal.

  9. Hello Dianne, is it hot there today like it is here? It feels so good to be warm again, aahhhh

    I just love love coming here and seeing all your pretty pages/art!! So inspiring, that pink page is too sweet!! I love the collaging and the bird, so talented you are!!Glad you share these with us, they make me happy!!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my 29 layouts, I'm so happy I did them and can't wait to do more. Not sure how long it will last but for now I will enjoy it.

    Happy T Day and enjoy your week!

  10. your patience with these pages really paid off! very pretty :)

  11. all so lovely. The sketch is beautiful and the pages are so vibrant

  12. WOW! What wonderful pages you have created. I often start and then let it sit, then start again and then let it sit again. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by for T-day and the nice comment.

  13. Happy T-Day!
    Oh I remember the collage you did with the tea bags! Totally love your sketch of the bluebird.

  14. Beautiful collages. I especially love your bluebird sketch.
    Have a great week.


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