Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tags on T Tuesday

A bit of my Fake Journal 2014~
if you haven't visited 
I've posted the Reveal, Parts 1 and 2.
I plan to post the final Wrap Up
next Tuesday, so stay tuned...

For T Tuesday, I decided to make
some TAGS.  
The tag below was collaged onto
tan card stock, with scrapbook
papers and painted brown craft paper.
Words were cut from a book that I've
been using for collage, and for
painting over text.

Above, a tag cut from watercolor paper,
with paisleys drawn in Sharpie, then
watercolor washes added.

Reviving the red Panda mug,
enjoying my mocha coffee, and
joining Elizabeth today for
T Tuesday.  I think there is a party
going on over there...
I hope you will get up to
some creative fun by
visiting T Tuesday participants!


  1. what pretty tags! and i do like the panda mug :)

  2. Great tags. I think I have some blank tags somewhere. You've inspired me to try to dig them out.


  3. Those tags are beautiful. I especially like the paisley. Seems it never goes out of style.

    I hope everyone visits your Fake Journal and are as surprised as I was as to who you were for this project. Sorry folks, I'm not giving it away. You'll have to be as surprised as I was !!!

    Thanks for sharing your Panda mug for T today, and I look forward to the wrap up next T Tuesday.

  4. Paisleys are a favorite of mine, and they look great as a border along your tag. Hope you enjoyed your tea today in the cute panda mug!

  5. Love the flowers in vase drawing in your fake journal. Happy Tuesday!!

  6. I love your sketching, your fake journal is soooo awesome :)
    I remember Barbie cakes!
    Happy T Tuesday :)

  7. Your tags are each so lovely Dianne...a feast for the eyes...
    I was just tearing some monoprinted papers this morning
    Happy T Day
    I am off to check out your link

  8. I've seen so many beautiful tags that are inspiring and perhaps I need to give it a go myself! Thanks for sharing yours. And I like the Panda mug too! Happy T-Day.

    SSG #1

  9. I always enjoy your art work and was definitely not disappointed this week.
    Happy T-day

  10. really wonderful drawings Dianne. I love your panda cup! Happy T day to you.

  11. What variety! Nice!
    Happy T-Day!! :)

  12. Hello!! What pretty art you have again, just love your art and love seeing it!! Keep sharing it!! What a beautiful mug, love that bright red on it.

    Will go peek at your fake journal!!

    Thanks for the visit today, that is so nice you have made some albums, especially as gifts. My scrapping days are pretty much over now that PL is here but it is always nice to scrap on this National holiday and remember how much I love telling stories and looking at pictures. I am still scrapping, the goal set for IG layouts hasn't been met yet, so we are still going strong. The reason I do PL mostly because scrapping did stress me out and cost more and took up more room. Can't wait to share my layouts next week, YAY!!
    Have a good week, hoping the brief warm up coming will hit you too.

  13. Great tags! Love the piece at the beginning (flowers in vase). I'll stop by for the full reveal next week. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Gorgeous tags Dianne. That paisley one is super.
    Thanks for visiting.

  15. All wonderful artwork. The vase and flowers would look great stitched out!

  16. Great sketches and my favorite is the Panda mug.

  17. Mmm, mocha sounds yummy. Your tags are great, too. Do you use them as gift tags, or just keep them as little pieces of art?

    Hope you had a Happy T Day, and hope the rest of your week is going well, too.


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